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I am 18 and have a boyfriend who is 15. She goes on leisure club I copper on. Is this allowed?

Second year as an apprentice and lover of 15 this law as she goes on a leisure I work on?

It is not illegal to have a boyfriend who is older or younger than themselves, but when one in a dating relationship is under 16 years old are still some considerations you must take. Having sex with someone who is under the age of consent (16 years) is a criminal offense, this can read more about in the article under the answer.

Volunteering for youth?

Hello I am a girl of 15 years that will start with volunteering. I have thought long on this, but do not know where I could enroll. I also wonder if there's something fivelligahetsarbeid for youth. I've checked out a bit and only found things for adults. I have imagined something within human rights and wonder if you can help me find what you wanted?

I want to be a pilot!

Hi, I have a parr questions about my education, I want to be a pilot and go school in the UK. - Which aviation schools in the UK agree Loan Fund? - What should I go to high school? MvH ~ Future Pilot :-P

Which professions are confident in the future?

Which professions are confident in the future? what we should focus on if you want one opportunities in the future?

I want to move home but can not afford. Sea can I do?

Hey, a boy of 19 who have started new VGS line, but can not handle staying home. When working on the side of school are not enough hours for any own apartment. Had gone if it had not been for that state robs the poor in the form of tax. But so it is, I'm considering to quit schooling to either take a job. They say education is more valuable than money, something I fail to see. I must get out of the house and into a private residence. Some tips for the next steps for the poor student that the government will just want to get away from a too large family? Must add that to tax anyone in my position (financially) is insane, feel it that the state will not help me, but rather destroy my education with such a policy. Regards extremely tired youth that will only up and forward in life.

Employees with disabilities

It is important both for workers and the community that people with a disability can contribute in the workplace if they have a health condition that makes it possible. jobbforalle.no give good search tips and information that can be useful when applying for jobs.

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On jobbforalle.no find information about the search and hiring processes, recruitment and incentive schemes, to deal with disability, and much more.

In the search for a job is often a lot of challenges that emerge. To sell himself as the best candidate can be difficult, and it is therefore wise to be prepared. You can find many useful tips on jobbforalle.no .

Occupational Injuries

An employer MUST draw ein injury insurance for all their employees. If you injure yourself by EiT accident at work, this insurance applies.

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These are statutory in Law on Workers' Compensation . The insurance will cover accident and diseases, and provide full compensation of the road you have shoulder in events or not.

This insurance shall cover:
caused by a work accident (occupational)
equated with occupational injury under the National Insurance Act
caused by damage fabric or work processes
Note: Load Skadar are not counted as occupational injuries.