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5 on the streets: Friendship

What? When? How? has asked five young people about what characterizes a good friend, what advice they have for how to get to know new people, and how they solve friend quarrels.

Jacob, youth journalist ung.no

What Makes a Good Friend?
What tips do you have for how to get to know new people / make new friends?
Why is friendship important to you?
Have you ever argued with a friend? What can you do in that situation?
Elise Elise

Elise (17)

1. A good friend characterizes one that supports and understands you and also someone you can have fun with and be yourself with.

2. One must try to take the initiative themselves and being nice to new people you meet.

3. My friends are the best I have! Could not lived without.

4. Most people have probably experienced it. It is wise to talk about what has happened, perhaps there has been a misunderstanding.

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Andrea Andrea

Andrea (17)

1. A good friend is someone you can trust, one man dares to be himself, someone who supports you while someone you can have fun with.

2. We must dare to take the initiative to talk to new people, show interest, be nice and dry to be themselves.

3. Friendship is based on kindness, confidence and that they support each other. I'm really happy the friends I have and I could never imagined a life without them.

4. I have previously argued with my friends. The easiest way out is to talk about what has happened and listen to what the other has to say. The entire argument could just be a misunderstanding.

Sebastian Sebastian
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Sebastian (16)

1. One who is loyal and who you can trust.

2. Greet people, being bland and open to others.

3. Friendship is important.

4. Yes, I have. One can talk together to try and sort it out.

Emilie Emilie

Emilie (17)

1. A good friend, you must be able to trust and be able to show all kinds of aspects of yourself.

2. Be open and positive, be engaged and take the initiative.

3. Friendship is one of the main one has in life! Good friends have always use :)

4. Yes. Hard to say what one can do with it, in that you can not control what others say, but something you certainly can do is not let it go out of its own mood and confidence.

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Sigve Sigve

Sigve (17)

1. One who is always there for you, I would say is a very good friend!

2. One has to take some initiative, chat with someone you want to get to know!

3. For me friendship is important for the social part and because these are the people I love.

4. It is not tough to argue. One must talk together! It is important.

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