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Age limits - Film

When Media Authority sets age limits for movies, so they do this out of harmful proportionality criteria determined in the law on film and video .

In addition, they provide advice on what age group the film may be suitable for. This means that a film is allowed for all, not always need to watch out for children. In Media Authority movie database you will find detailed information on all films that are set up in theaters in Norway. Want to know more about the movies, you can for example visit Filmweb .

Movies that will only be shown for persons over 18 years, need not be considered by the Media Authority. In addition, age limits on dvd / blu ray set by the distributor itself, and not by the Media Authority. But age should not be lower than the limit that was set by the Media Authority by cinema display.

The following age limits apply to films to be shown in cinemas:

Permitted for all (A)
6 years (also applies to all children accompanied by an adult)
9 years (children down to 6 years accompanied by an adult)
12 (children to 9 years accompanied by an adult)
15 years (young down to 12 years accompanied by an adult)
18 years (absolute limit)
Why do a film a certain age?
Allowed for everyone

Movies that allowed everyone to have a quiet, easy and pleasant expression. It may be short-lived "boo-effects" or some intriguing items in a safe setting.

6-year limit

A film with 6-year limit may contain some dark, dramatic or anything threatening scenes. It may also contain short staple with powerful sound and image effects.

9-year limit

A film with 9-year limit can have parties with dark, intense or unsafe atmosphere. This may be something dramatic images of accidents or children in distress (including bullying). Brief and small intimate violence touches can also get 9-year age limit.

12 year age limit

In films with 12 year age limit can be consistently dark mood - and a lot of fear in both characters, scenes and music. It can also occur short horror effects and small intimate depictions of sexuality.

15 year age limit

A film by 15-year age limit may have anxiety provoking mood, and contain realistic touches of God, war, neglect or abuse. Horror Movies, movies with murder or detailed sexual descriptions normally gets 15-year age limit.

18 rated

A film by 18-year age limit can be particularly daunting mood, and contain large amounts of brutal and detailed violence, particularly in combination with an expression that can lead to anxiety and fear. Depictions of gross sexual violence normally provides also 18 year age limit. Movies as the Media Authority has not assessed must appear with a 18-year limit on cinema.

Les mer (ung.no) Law on protection of minors from harmful image program

Children and adolescents are different. Therefore, those who will be taking into account the child's maturity and tolerance limits when they choose to bring someone who is younger than the age limit. Although it allowed for example take a 6 year old in a movie with 9-year age limit, it is not certain movie fits precisely for this 6-year-old. For age limits 9, 12 and 15 can a parent take their children up to three years younger than the age limit says. All children can go on film with 6-year limit accompanied by guardians. 18-year limit is absolute, then it does not have to be accompanied by a guardian - anyone on the film must be 18 or over uasnett.

In some cases discourages Media Authority parents to bring children younger than the age limit. This is intended as an additional guidance to be especially on guard in relation to the film's content and means if companion rule used. The Media Authority in their assessments not account for parents and guardians want to bring children younger than the age limit at the cinema.

A trailer is an advertisement for the film. It contains selected movie clips that are put together to promote an upcoming movie. A trailer can be very short, so-called teaser or it may be several minutes. All trailers to be shown in cinemas must have an age limit. A trailer can get different age than the film itself. Check trailers for movies and upcoming movies, for example. filmweb.no .

Advertising in cinemas
There are movie theaters themselves decide which commercials they set up in front of the movies. It is the Consumer Ombudsman and the Market which enforces the Marketing Control Act in the interest of consumers. Film Act does not include marketing the movies, and there is therefore no age limits on commercials.

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