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Occupational Injuries

An employer MUST draw ein injury insurance for all their employees. If you injure yourself by EiT accident at work, this insurance applies.

Public and quality assured
These are statutory in Law on Workers' Compensation . The insurance will cover accident and diseases, and provide full compensation of the road you have shoulder in events or not.

This insurance shall cover:
caused by a work accident (occupational)
equated with occupational injury under the National Insurance Act
caused by damage fabric or work processes
Note: Load Skadar are not counted as occupational injuries.

What losses are covered?
Workers' compensation insurance can provide claim significant payments in addition to the arbeidstakaren are entitled pursuant to the National Insurance Act. Current requirements are:

incurred and future expenses, such as medical treatment and help in the home
income that have already been lost and the loss of future income due to injury / the disease. Income that already would Vore lit into without injury, are calculated specifically, while losses in relation to future earnings are calculated by standard rules.
compensation for permanent mein
compensation to certain etterlatne at deaths where there is a spouse or Sambu (two years or children in common and Housing), or a partner. This also applies when ein have children under 20 years and possibly others as diaper forsørgde.
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Act does not apply redress for damage of non-pecuniary damage. By rough aktlaus behavior from arbeidstakaren compensation may be reduced or fall completely away. This shall not restrict the right dei etterlatne have to substitute.

How notify the?
The employer shall:

notification to NAV (Form NAV 13/7/05) by occupational injury or occupational illness that leads to medical care, sickness reporting in more than three dagar, and / or who can give the right to the provision under the National Insurance Act
sending accident reports in all cases where the net asset requests it or arbeidstakaren want it
immediately notify the Labour Inspectorate and the police when serious injury or death
Arbeidstakaren shall:

notify the NAV for injury or occupational disease, if the employer still have not changed it
send claim form to the insurance company to the employer as soon as possible
The doctor will:

send a written message to the Labour Inspectorate if it is suspected that the symptoms experienced by ein patient context with the work situation
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