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How can I help my boyfriend who struggle with depression, anxiety and self-esteem?

Good day! I am writing on behalf of my 16 year old girlfriend (born 2000). She has worn long with depression, and it all started when she found out that she was adopted because her parents died in a car accident when she was three years old. This has gone very into her and led to depression. She cut herself before we met and I got an end to this. The family she lives with now is not the best. Foster mother her jaws and damage her every day. Often she must be out of the house or at a friend because she is being evicted. As previously known CPS have I said that they should be contacted since she did not have it so good, but this is something she'd rather not. She dry nor to consult with someone about their problems, even if it is anonymous. She struggles with anxiety and self-esteem as well as depression. We have met over the net and not faced each other since we both anxiety and thus not dry. What can I do without that she needs a psychologist? I will help her. Thanks

Thank you for writing to us, and for reaching out on behalf of your girlfriend! You write that she struggles with depression when she found out that she was adopted, and further that she struggles with anxiety and self-esteem. So you wonder what you can do to help her so she does not need a psychologist.
You have already informed her of child protection when you write that foster jaws and damage her. I think this is very nice of you, when all children are to have a good and safe childhood. You write that she does not want this, and perhaps she is afraid of the consequences it can have on child protection is switched on? I enclose an article that could be useful for her to read. The child welfare service jobs namely for the best interests and by contacting them both she and her family could get it better.
Moreover, I advise you to go on and do what you already do: to be a good support for your boyfriend. You write that she did not dare to contact someone regarding problems she struggles, but as I understand it, she has opened up to you. Maybe what she needs now someone who listens and shows understanding, so I get the impression that you are doing? Perhaps you could also ask her what she needs / need from you? I also by an article that might be useful. You should faith salt be boyfriend and not a therapist / psychologist, so it might be nice to go on and tell her how she can get professional help: nurse, a youth health or mental health, for example. She should also know that hjelpeapparetet is used to talk to young people about the depression, anxiety and self-esteem

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