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You Need to Know about wages and vacation pay

Never heard of tariff, holiday allowance or paycheck? Then you should read this.

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Employment contract should show what to wear in wages
Shall be entered into a written employment contract in all working conditions. This contract should include information about working hours, what to wear in salary, notice period and other conditions. Employment contract is important for you to avoid misunderstandings between you and your employer later. This applies when you work long and when you just take a job for a short period, for example during the summer holidays.

Read about more about work contact here on ung.no .

Minimum wage
As a rule, there is no minimum wage in Norway. How much you will have to pay is either a avtalesak between you and your employer, or it is regulated by any collective agreements. In some industries, there is however a minimum wage, for example.

expected salary
But what can you expect to earn in your position? There are of course many factors that come into play here and hard to give a definitive, but  provides a guide on what to expect. Search profession you want to know the salary level on and find out what education is required, and how life is in this profession.

legal moves
This employer is allowed to make moves in your paycheck for:

Deposits of pension or health funds.
Insurance premiums and fagforeningenskontigent determined tariffavaten.
You are entitled to a written description (paycheck), which clearly explains how much you have been paid and how much you have paid tax. The pay slip must also contain information about accrued holiday pay. The pay slip is your receipt that you have paid tax. The numbers on the pay slip must also concur with what is written on your tax return, and therefore it is wise to take care of them.

Holidays and Public Holidays
You will live even if there are public holidays and public holidays, and the bills are not less of that law provides free. Does your company have a collective agreement, you are guaranteed a salary for all "red" days off. Without a collective agreement, you have only entitled to pay for 1 and 17 May.

Overtime pay is the appendix you will have to work longer than agreed working. Work Act ensures that the charge for overtime shall be at least 40 percent off the regular hourly rate. Are you LO-organized and come under the collective agreement, overtime additions usually slightly higher. It is common for overtime supplement is 50-100 percent more than regular hourly rate. Normal business hours are 9 hours within 24 hours or 40 hours during a week. You can read more about overtime arbeidstilsynet.no .

Vacation money
Vacation pay is calculated from your salary by your employer. Minimum 10.2 percent of your salary as the basis for holiday pay.

For example, if you earn £ 32,000 a year, you should be 10.2% of get 3.246 kr. in vacation pay next year (usually in June). The salary for the first year forms, in other words the basis for holiday money you get paid the following year.

Many believe holiday allowance is tax-free, but it is wrong. You must pay taxes on holiday pay as well. If you quit an employment before the year is over, you can demand to be paid holiday money you've earned in the current year. If you earn less than $ 1,000 from an employer will however not get holiday pay. The same applies if you work in the employer's home or for a sports team, or the like and earn below £ 4.000.-

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