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What is the age limit on ClassyWalk and AirWheel?

They have become popular, but you are old enough to drive one? Read about classy walk, air wheel, skywalker and similar means of transportation.

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Today there are many who are running around on the sidewalk with your hands in the pockets of one or two wheels. We get lots of questions about what the age limit is to dear ClassyWalk, AirWheel and similar front cost funds. Maybe you bought your legally abroad, but you can use it in Norway?

16 years old
The reason for that classywalk, airwheel, Segway and the like at all has an age limit is that they are motorized, and it is thought that it takes more of the governing than by example. bike and skateboard. NPRA explains the provision that it requires a certain maturity to use one- and two wheeler and that one therefore has set the age limit to 16 years.

You can read more about the rules for using classywalk and similar vehicles in this article from NRK .

What if you are stopped by the police?
Maximum speed limit on these forward cost funds is 20 km / h, and you are not allowed to run these on roads where the speed limit is higher than 60 km / h - for the sake of yourself and others safe. If you are caught driving with self-balancing vehicles on roads where the speed limit is over 60 km / h, you will get a fine.

Are you under 16 and driving ClassyWalk, AirWheel or similar motorized front cost funds, it is parents who will be punished with fines or loss of license if you are caught. This is justified by the Road Traffic Act § 33, ref. § 17, second paragraph.

Running classywalk or similar before you're old enough, and you harm yourself, others or their things, may insurance to your parents will not cover the damage. In addition to age, there are also rules for how ståhjulingen your shall be provided. You can read more details about the technical requirements of Vegvesen.no

Responsibility for the vehicle is in a safe and serviceable condition be imposed on the driver by Road Traffic Act section 23 .

Facts about one- and two-wheelers:
16 years age limit.
Fridge speed is a maximum of 20 km / h.
No requirement for registration or insurance.
Requirement for horn / bell head and tail lights and reflectors.
Self-balancing vehicle can be used in the same areas that allowed for the bike, ie on sidewalks, bicycle lanes, pedestrian crossings and on the right side of the roadway.
It is not allowed to use these roads with speed limits above 60 km / h.
It is illegal to talk on your cell phone while driving.
The alcohol limit is equal to that of vehicle: 0.2. 

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