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Facts about the Working Environment Act

Did you know that there is a separate law that only exists to protect and help you as an employee? Read more about Working Act.

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About Working Environment Act
Work Act to ensure that conditions in the workplace are satisfactory. The safety representative is the employees' mouthpiece in the workplace, while Labour Inspectorate is a public body shall ensure that companies operate businesses viable.

Work Act (2006) shall also ensure that physical conditions such as air and light are taken care of, and that you get breaks during working hours. It should rule a good tone in the workplace. No workers should feel bullied, and employees must be heard and taken care of their leader. Codetermination in the workplace shall Working Environment Act safeguarded by a safety representative.

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You can ask questions on matters relating to working conditions ung.no/oss .

The safety representative acts as spokesman in the workplace in matters concerning the working environment. In companies with more than 50 employees shall be appointed a working environment where employees and management are represented.

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The company is also responsible for the production aligned ethically, responsibly and with consideration for the environment. The state should also have access to a variety of workplace conditions.

Labour Inspection
Labour Inspectorate is a government agency under the Ministry of Labour and Social Inclusion. Administration is to supervise that enterprises comply with the Working Environment Act. The overall objective of the Labour Inspection business is a satisfactory working environment for all, with safe employment conditions and meaningful work for the individual.

The agency's inspectors may unannounced come on visits to ensure that the Working Environment Act are complied with, and has the authority to impose fines on companies that do not follow up orders from the Labour Inspectorate.

Work Act aims:
To ensure a work environment that provides the basis for a healthy and meaningful working conditions, which safeguard employees against physical and mental harm, and with a standard of welfare at all times in accordance with the technological and social development of society.
To ensure secure employment conditions and equality in the workplace.
To facilitate adjustments in employment related to the individual employee's circumstances and situation.
To provide a basis for the employer and the employees of businesses to maintain and develop their work in cooperation with the social partners and with the necessary guidance and control of public authority.
To contribute to an inclusive workplace.
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(Source: Ministry of Labour and Social Inclusion)

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By working we contribute to wealth creation in society. Many common tasks in society is entirely dependent on funding through taxes. When you are at work, there is a law that protects you as an employee, as well as several ethical guidelines to which the employee must deal with.

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