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5 on the streets Friendship Drama

It's great to have good friends, but sometimes it may cause disagreements and bickering. We interviewed five young people to find out if there is a lot friend drama in their friends, what it is about and how they resolve disagreements and conflicts.

Amalie, youth journalist

These questions were asked:
1. Is there a lot friend drama in your group of friends?

2. What concerns the drama about?

3. What do you do to avoid any disagreements and drama?

4. What do you do to sort it out again, if you have disagreed?

Martine, 13 years

1. There is really very little friend drama among my friends.

2. If there is no drama, it's usually that someone has thrown a bad comment to something else, or that someone has stalked.

3. We try and not speak ill of others.

4. To sort out, we set down and talk to resolve the issue.

Anne Sofie
Anne Sofie, 13 years

1. Actually, there is not much drama, but it can be a little drama sometimes.

2. When there is talk about drama in a bunch of guys, so I think it is most bickering and drama about football etc. But when we are talking about drama among girls is not as lot, maybe just some things.

3. Maybe just try not to talk about it, then it just becomes drama of it again.

4. Apologize and change themes.

Patrick, 14 years

1. No, there is very little drama in my group of friends.

2. Most often, it's actually about football, including on who should play as a team and what soccer is best.

3. We respect each other and each other's opinions.

4. When it shall be settled, it is the one who started the quarrel like to apologize to the person or he has quarreled with.

Eliane, 17 years

1. No, I would not say there is much drama in my group of friends.

2. It is difficult to say, since there is usually little things we disagree about.

3. We try to listen to what the other has to say, and to agree before it develops into a quarrel.

4. Most issues are resolved, and within a day they are often forgotten and we do not remember what we disagreed about even.

Kamilla, 19 years

1. No, there is very little drama in my gang.

2. Since there is no drama, we are dealing not care about anything in particular.

3. We are talking.

4. Because we are small disagreement becomes rare disagreements and squabbles, but we talk together to solve any problem. 

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