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5 on the streets: Why we lie?

Ung.no has asked the youth: why we lie?

By Hege, youth journalist ung.no

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Hanne, 17
Hanne Hanne

- We lie often to save others, if truth such is hurtful. Sometimes we lie because we have something to hide, or also to get our will and be allowed more. The most common is perhaps lying to parents.
Emil Emil

Emil, 17
- Lots of reasons. To withhold information for our own or others' benefit, or to obtain personal benefits.

Joakim Joakim

Joakim, 17
- We lie to be cool, and to ask ourselves in a better light. If for example, I said I was rich ...

Mari Mari

Mari, 17
- Sometimes you just have to lie, that people should not be upset with you ... Many do it to avoid problems

Susanne Susanne

Susanne, 17
- We do not want people to know the truth? Often the truth is hurtful, and when we choose rather to lie. Can also be in order to get what you want.

I lie seldom, I just turn on the sentences and adds unnecessary hired. excl. A girl comes with a very nice dress, BUT she has no body to it so I use and say "The dress which was nice" When I say only that the dress is nice not suit her .. It works every time, just been thinking of things before you say them. Remember that truth can be heavy and go, but it is considerably heavier if someone throws it in the snout your .. keeping quiet about NEGATIVE STUFF AND COMMENTARY THOSE POSITIFT HELLER (Y) - Sincerely me;)

I feel people have a little trouble and understand what we are talking about in this case. the only thing people talk about is what happens when we lie, it is and lose sites offered for up. We must find out what makes us and lying. And then no arguments that are used as consequences valid. Then show you lie to and stay away from trouble because you're scared / fear åsså Forward. by nature so there is a possibility and survive and thrive with minimal expense. It's nature's way and let us cheat. But cheaters being taken slitter. But try and actually understand what a man does when it is lying. When a person tells you something that is not true? That person has misrepresented sanheten for and exploit it? It sounds like something in over a este laid on my part. It must be that you are willing and faithful person and trust that it is true. there is never one that's to blame when it first put out a lie. There is simply a lack of respect for your with people and use them in such a way. That is why we are able to and lie because you are more selfish one you have respect for others. I've actually nothing that people lie, it's true. And it's also true that I never tell a lie. This is quite obvious lies, to anyone other than me. I juger never actually, the reason that I have no need for it. yes it is difficult and I slitter often. But has been pro and explain every time I slip because you are going to have and use sanhet falsehood so it øyblikke you lying then one can transform a lie into truth. That I never tell a lie. But that does not make me better than everyone because it is part of the complex with deceit, manipulation and other things that are among the worst there is. Then there and lie to others to have that good or better. There are so behind on my part that it's crazy. typically show my girlfriend had asked hu so nice out. View hu had something I really liked wearing, it would be difficult for emitting care little. But I would have told it like it is, and show remember being upset about it when we are talking about that you have thrown head to the sharks. View in a relationship then there must be mutual respect, ie that they have well taken the other person exactly as it is. and view this is mutual as one realizes quickly that the other party only manifests its meaning and is not "rude" as view you need and lie in a relationship then you should not be in the relationship. simple conclusion is that people often other things are viktigre and forget that there really are other than just them. It is as if one gets tunnel at high speed. Then you should try and stand on the sidelines and watch, you learn surprisingly much. But I'm not lying because I have no need for it, but I'm good at and leave and simply stick a dagger in his back on anyone

I'm very good at lying, both positive and negative trait it ... If the truth hurts, I go for a little lie, but otherwise I'm an honest person who is not afraid of saying what I mean!

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