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5 on the street: What makes you happy and what makes you irritated?

What makes you happy? And what does it take to make you really annoyed? Maybe you know your way around some of the answers to these ninth graders?

By: Hanna, youth journalist for ung.no.

We asked ninth graders the following question:

1: What makes you happy?
2: What makes you irritated?

Rebecca (15):

1: Time with family. Mom and Dad work a lot, so when we get the whole family together, it is cozy.
2: When my siblings are stupid.

Henny (15):

1: Summer, sun, ice and leksefri.
2: That all are called in the military!

Ingrid (15):

1: I will be happy if I help others. The other day I posted a picture on Instagram where I showed off my imperfect sides. There are certainly others to feel better.
2: When people talk loudly or shouts when to be quiet.

John (15):

1: If someone really show that they care about me. Or if any of my friends asking if we should find something.
2: Fake people who pretend that they are your friend, but it turns out that they have gone behind your back and stalked you.

Marthe (15):

1: To sleep.
2: Body Press and manipulated images. It makes me feel inferior and inadequate. 

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