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Rights when you work

Holiday pay, employment contracts and salaries are just some of the rights you have when you're working. Here is an overview of what you are entitled to as an employee.

Public and quality assured
In some areas there are stricter regulations for youth - it is not, for example all types of work you are allowed to put youngsters. These rules are designed to give young extra protection from work that may be harmful. LO summer team has collected some rights that apply to those who work.

Working time
Remember: You must have leisure too! Normal working hours are 40 hours of work a week and no more than nine hours a day outside eating breaks. Do you work more than this, you are entitled to overtime pay. There are few companies that have more than eight-hour days. Where LO collective agreement, you are entitled to overtime pay if you work more than 37.5 hours a week. This right applies if you are LO-organized.

Working for you who attend school
Working hours for persons under 18 who are attending compulsory education should be laid so it does not interfere with their schooling or prevent you from benefiting from their lessons. 8 hours per day and 40 hours a week is in practice regarded as the upper limit of what is allowed to work for young people between 15 and 18, either one is compulsory school or not.

What you need to know about wages and vacation pay
The point is that a working time of 40 hours course will be difficult to achieve in practice for a young person between 15 and 18 who also school. Working hours must referred routed so that it does not interfere with their schooling or hinder one in to take advantage of the instruction, which in practice means that one will have time to do your homework and be clear enough - and having surplus - to take advantage of teaching. In addition, people under 18 have a continuous period of at least 48 hours during a period of 7 days, which, to the extent possible, should be on a Sunday or public holiday (Working Environment Act § 11-5 third paragraph) .

In other words, no definitive answer to how much one between 15 and 18 who are attending compulsory education can work.

Upon employment with more employers working hours shall be assessed collectively. Employers are obliged to obtain an understanding of hours worked for other employers. (Working Environment Act § 11-2).

Exemption card and tax
Written work contract
You are entitled to a written employment contract. Feel free to use the LO Summer Patrol have made. The employment contract protects both you and your employer against misunderstandings about their rights and obligations. In the contract you and the employer also agreed how much to work and what kind of job you have. It is important that it stated in the contract who is your employer.

What should be included in an employment contract? (Labour Inspection List)

Work Agreement content may vary but certain information to be included under the statute (§ 6.14).

The employment contract must at least disclose the following:

Parties identity.
A description of the work or the employee's title, post or category of work.
The timing of the commencement of the employment.
If the employment is temporary; expected duration.
The employee's rights to holidays and holiday pay, and the rules for determining vacation time.
The employee's and the employer's notice periods.
The pay applicable or agreed, any options that are not included in the salary.
Length and disposition of the agreed daily or weekly working hours.
The length of breaks.
An agreement concerning a special working arrangement under the provisions on reduced working hours, flexible working hours, etc.
Any probation provisions.
Details of any collective agreements regulating the employment relationship.
A verbal agreement is also binding, but oral agreements makes it difficult to prove or agree on the conditions under which you were hired for.
Rights on summer job
According to the Working Environment Act, all entitled to a written employment contract - even if you are only employed for a short period. Work Act also requires what a contract should contain.

NB You are not defenseless without employment either. No employer can deprive you of the protection that the laws provide. The rights and duties Work Act ensures you apply anyway.


You are entitled to a written letter of reference. The certificate shall tell what you have done and how long you have worked in business. The certificate is important to take care of. Later, when you should seek another job or admission to school, your personal certificate a written proof that you actually had a job with a particular content. Often also tells certificate how you've done your job. There may be recommendations that are worth much later in life. Remember that neither future employers or educational authorities accept anything other than written testimonials.

Salary if the firm goes bankrupt
Vacation money
You are entitled to holiday pay in addition to salary, no matter how short or long you have worked. Holiday pay should be at least 10.2% of all that you have earned. Both regular salary, additional and overtime to be included. Holiday pay is in addition to wages, and it is not allowed to put this in as a part of their salary. After termination of employment you are entitled to be paid holiday pay once you stop.

"You should have slither. Right?" It is basically up to you and your employer to agree on your pay.

But through membership in a union, your pay will be determined by a collective agreement. This is an agreement on wage levels in each business. Collective Agreement ensures fair pay - something you can not claim without membership in a union.

Payroll is more than the usual hourly rate. Overtime pay, night shift allowance, weekend supplements and supplements for special tasks is part of the salary for LO members in companies with collective agreements.

Employment contract and certificate
Salary deductions
Employers are generally not allowed to make deductions from wages or holiday pay unless you have agreed to it. If the employer for any reason you feel that you have made you guilty of circumstances which give him the right to withhold wages, he must first have convictions for their claim or deal with you.

The employer is obliged to give you as good training, you without problems can perform the job you are employed. That time training to be counted as working time. That means you should be paid for the time spent on training. The training shall include:

How job location
Which rules apply to safety and health
What rules and laws that apply in the workplace
If it is mandatory to wear protective gear at work, your employer must both provide and pay the equipment for you.

It should be good reasons for saying you up!

The employer must have very good and justifiable reasons to dismiss you. The resignation must be in writing to be valid. Denunciation may be justifiable if, for example, have not matched your job properly, or now must curtail.

The employer is not allowed to say you up and then hire a new in your job the day after, if cutbacks were termination reason. You are fired, you as LO-organized assistance of the representatives at your workplace. It is important that you quickly make contact with the officers because there are specific deadlines you must comply.

If the user cancels the job, it must be done in writing. Termination Tida is at least a month, if not otherwise stated in the written employment contract yours. Unions with collective agreement may have agreements for shorter notice periods, which will also apply to you. Termination Tida is the same whether you resign yourself or if you are dismissed.

Termination Tida applies from the first month-end after dismissal day and out the month. If you have a written contract, the 14-day notice period in the probationary period.

Overtime pay is the appendix you will have to work longer than agreed working. Work Act ensures that the charge for overtime shall be at least 40% of the normal hourly rate. But you LO-organized and come under the collective agreement, overtime additions usually somewhat higher. It is common for overtime supplement is 50-100% more than normal hourly rate.

You are entitled to breaks if you work more than five and a half hours a day. You have eight-hour workday. you should have at least a half-hour break during the day. If you can not go from the workplace during lunch break, the lunch break is considered part of working hours. That means you should have paid for the break too. Agreement on break must be in writing.


Labour Inspectorate answers questions
. They answer general questions about the rights and obligations under the Working Environment Act, the Holidays Act and more. Opening hours are 08: 00-15: 45 (3:00 p.m. in summer time).

You can also send them questions by email. They are normally answered within one to three business days. Svartjenesten@arbeidstilsynet.no

LO summer patrol
LO summer patrol is watchdog for youth employment. Many meetings workplace for the first time in summer or work next to school and study. Summer Patrols help through info-phone or seek business. You receive legal guidance and advice along the way. The best thing is of course that you are a member - then you are safest.

Has received summer job in a shop. Get to work two hours gets your day. Is this allowed?

I have worked for an employer in 5years without a contract since he said that we wait a little with do not have time now, even now that I can not work with him for the nav pay he says me up. is it legal?

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