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Make Money?

Are you too young to have a steady job? Or it takes too much time? Here is an overview of various odd jobs to earn money.
By Hege, youth journalist ung.no

Put on your bucks!
Are you too young to have a job or do you simply not have the time or energy to it? Then you may want to take on odd jobs for friends and acquaintances when you have the opportunity. Yet it is not always easy to know where to look to find job opportunities. So we've created a list of activities it is possible to make money.

"You who are seeking jobs for the first time"

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Odd jobs to earn money:
In winter there are many who need help such as shoveling snow. Especially older people who can not do it even interested in such services. Let the neighborhood know that you want to make some money on such things by hanging up tags in the neighborhood, or by calling on its neighbors. You can also hang up notes on shops nearby, and you can ask everyone you know to spread the word. Get your parents to speak to acquaintances.
In summer there are many who need help mowing. Do the same here!
Male Jobs! Especially in summer there is a part that will refurbish and who gladly welcomes help paint the house, porch and sundry. Let them know that you are interested.
In the feasts and in the summer holidays when many go away, it is also possible to make money on such dog / cat passport or other animals. If you know someone who has pets, you can tell that you like to fit it when they are away. Be early, too many arranges such things in good time.
Similarly, you can babysit on weekends and weekdays. Whether for someone you know, or you can hang up tags that you happily babysits the corner store.
If at first you should hang up these notes, so feel free to bring you to do chores and the like as well. It might not be so many need it, but it's worth trying!
Get a summer job
In everyday life, it may be difficult to should have a permanent job. In addition, it is difficult to get a job if you are young. Summer brings however much larger. Then you have a lot better time, and there are several companies who welcomes younger workers. You do not work all summer, but most companies want enough that summer temps are available at least in the joint.

In health there is huge demand for workers in the summer. The same is true for jobs that involve gardening, litter picking, clearing the cafes, restaurants and the like.

Contact the NAV, or scroll through their websites on nav.no find more great tips and advice that can increase your chances of getting a job you will thrive on. Also, ask your parents if they know anyone who might be able to find work for you, or if they need help with something where they work. It is a very big advantage to know someone!

Rights when working
Work at home
Housework is not just something you do when you are small. Perhaps you can arrange an appointment with your parents so that you wash house and a vacuum cleaner or the like one or more times a week, for a sum you agree. Many parents have a lot to do, and are interested in some help with the housework. It is common to help with chores or else too, but maybe you can do a little more and make money from it?

A job does not take much time
One does not have to work three times a week to call it a job. You can reach an agreement with the employer that you are only going to work once a week, every weekend, every weekend or every third weekend. At workplaces where they have many employees think they often it is positive to have employees who do not work very often. You can also get you a job as emergency substitute. This enables you to talk with your employer about. Make it clear that you do not have a steady job, but you can act as an emergency substitute if they need extra people, or if someone is ill or sick leave. There are many who are interested in!

Exemption card and tax
Avisbud on weekends is also a popular job among youth. When you work only a few hours on the morning of Saturday / Sunday or both days, which suits many young people good. In this way, you still have the whole day free to do other things.

Take care of contacts
Have you had working in a company through the school, you may also want to contact the general manager there - assuming you did a good job when you were there. When they know you and know what is good for, which probably makes it easier to get a job.

In addition, there are jobs where you control your own schedule to some extent. Many newspapers, magazines and various websites that deal in reviews and such things, employees who submit reviews as music or movies at a fixed sum. It is only to investigate the possibilities! If you are very interested in, or have much knowledge about music or culture, you can consult websites, newspapers or magazines that you know are doing reviews. The possibilities are endless!

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