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What determines age limits on games?

Sur that you do not get to play video games with the recommended 16- or 18-year age limit? Why not catch this.

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Have you ever wondered why video games have age limits? And quarrels often with your parents to be allowed to play games with 16- or 18-year age limit? You're most likely not alone in this, but have you thought that your parents actually trying to protect you? And it actually is a reason why the computer game has got such a high age limit?

Therefore, computer games age marked
The labeling system for video games is an information system that will provide parents, shoppers and Internet users increased confidence that the game's content is suitable for a particular age group.

The age rating does not tell how hard the game is, but it may seem intimidating. On the back cover elaborated games' age mark with one or more of the icons you see below.

The age rating 3+, 7+, 12+, 16+ and 18+ tell if a game contains elements that are considered harmful to children and adolescents. Age labeling is not about the game's difficulty. Check the games' marking on www.pegi.info

he classification is made by PEGI (Pan European Game Information).


The game is considered to be harmless,
however, it may be too difficult for young children.


The game may seem daunting at smaller children.


The game may contain foul language and depictions of violence.


The game may contain depictions of violence in which one example. can see blood, glorification of crime, incitement to the use of tobacco and alcohol, and the eroticism or sex.

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The game can show realistic violence against defenseless people and animals. Pay special attention to games that are labeled 18+, as these may seem daunting to many. The game may also contain pornography, rape or sexual threats, detailed descriptions of how offenses can be performed, the glorification of illicit drug use and racism, ethnic or religious discrimination.

This means content icons
On the back cover elaborated games' age mark with one or more of the icons below. The icons describes about a game marked by age 16 because of violent content, strong language, drugs and so on. Games marked with age three years has no content icons on the back.

PEGI-symbol: vold

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Violence: Game contains depictions of violence.

PEGI-symbol: rusmidler

Drugs: The game can display events or situations where drugs (alcohol, drugs, etc.) are used.

PEGI-symbol: stygt språk

Coarse language: The game may include verbal or written language of a rough nature, with such profanity.

PEGI-symbo: rasisme og mobbing

Discrimination: game contains depictions of, or material which may encourage, discrimination.

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PEGI-symbol: redsel

Fear: The game can arouse fear or intimidating the smaller children.


Sex and nudity: The game depicts nudity and / or sexual behavior or sexual innuendos.


Gambling: Games that encourage gambling / gaming.

PEGI Online

Online: The logo indicates that the game can be played online. This means that one is on-line and can play with or against other real people and communicate with them. Meanwhile, says that its producer and operator has committed to some basic guidelines for the protection of children and young people.

Are your parents still too strict?
Arguing you much with your parents about video games? And will you and together you shall identify the kind of games you can play, regardless of the recommended age? Then you can download "husfredavtalen" on husfred.no . The agreement contains tips on how together you can arrive at a good solution that everyone in the family can live with.

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