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Three questions you must overcome job interview

Most interviews are pleasant. Goes a long way to be yourself, breathe out and respond well. But it can also appear difficult questions. Here are some great tips on how you can prepare yourself.

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Imagine the following situation: You sit on a job interview and how to respond, but suddenly you feel that your mouth gets dry and you get sweaty palms. The interviewer looks down at the table and writes on a paper. Suddenly she looks at you - and ask you a difficult question that is supposed to tilt of the stick.

Do not be afraid of these questions! Here you get good advice on what to respond.

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Question no. 1:
"We see that you had a lot of absences / We see that you left school / study / We see that you quit previous job. How do we know you did not just stop with us?"

If you have stopped or given up school or work before, it is likely that you will be asked about this in one or another variant of the interview. It is not so easy to answer, but here's a suggestion on how to solve it:


The best thing you can do if someone asks a tough question about your past, is to show that you do not have any problem with your past. It is the present that counts, and you are motivated to work with them now. That is what is looking to hear.

Show that you are motivated! Anyone can be demotivated at school or have was unhappy in a job, it does not mean you'll do it in the future. On the contrary, you know how it is to be tired of something. You are really ready to start something new, and while they'll see this motivation is not your background so dangerous.

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Question no. 2:
"What is your weakest sides? What are you worst at? What is it you fail?"

This question is not necessarily designed to find out exactly what your weaknesses are. Nor will there be tuned to find out how you react under pressure, how you reflect on yourself and how you are able to treat such a direct question.

The best thing you can do is take a deep breath, think about the question and answer honestly. It's not good to dismiss the question with: "Do not know - I have no weaknesses". It becomes too passive, for all have weaknesses. The second thing that is not seen as a good answer - and this will surprise some - is to tell something positive as negative. For example, that you are "a perfectionist and working too hard." Or that your bad side is that you "always thinking about the job," that you are "too conscientious."

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Be rather honest. Tell us about a page that is not your strongest, but focus on that you work with it and have ideas on how to keep it in check:

Say for example: "Sometimes I get stressed out if I have too much to do. But I try to breathe out, and it starts to get better."

Question no. 3:
"Why should we hire you?"

This is a hidden hard questions. It is set neutral, but they are looking to hear a certain thing. Why should you be elected? What is it about you that makes you should get the job, although they have many others in the interview?


Not only reply that you are 19 years old and looking for a summer job. Answer that you are a 19 year old girl who loves to work with people and who have looked forward to having a job like this, and you can bring these and those properties into the job if they want you.

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As long as you are yourself at the interview, is prepared and thinking well before answering, then you've done your. And if you are using one of the tips above, or better yet, find your own twist - so are you doing well.

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