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I am 18 and have a boyfriend who is 15. She goes on leisure club I copper on. Is this allowed?

Second year as an apprentice and lover of 15 this law as she goes on a leisure I work on?

It is not illegal to have a boyfriend who is older or younger than themselves, but when one in a dating relationship is under 16 years old are still some considerations you must take. Having sex with someone who is under the age of consent (16 years) is a criminal offense, this can read more about in the article under the answer.

Basically it is thus not illegal that you are romantically because of age, but it is a challenge for you is that you work at the youth club where she hangs. This can be problematic because you are a responsible person for her. There are enough internal rules on this.

I think you should be honest about this and take it up with the other adults in the leisure club you work at. It is nevertheless nice that they know about it. It will also have something to say about you became lovers before you started working there, or whether you met while you were at work.

Hope this answer was helpful. Good luck!

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