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Figure out how high one can be when one is adopted

How can you find out how high you might going to be when you're adopted?

It is a good question to ask, which is difficult to respond securely.

Your final height is determined by genes from mom and dad. There are a few calculations one can use to get an idea how high you are going to be, but these provide only an approximate answer.

You can walk your height at 2 years of age with 2. You will receive an approximately final height.

You can also ask to see the growth curve, showing you how you've grown and developed you since you were little. It might show that way about how tall you will be. The growth curve is in health records at the school nurse at your school.

Many girls grow 5-15 cm after they get your period. If you approach fully developed in terms of boobs, hair and menses, so it may be that you approach fully developed.

As written above, this gives only an approximate number. How tall you are, you will first see when you stop growing.

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