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What is adoption?

I am a girl of almost 15 years was adopted from Colombia when I was 2 years. I never thought that I adopted except now. I have never been bullied for it and think it's okay to answer questions about it. But lately I've been thinking very very much on my biological parents. I really would not worry so much about it, because I'm afraid the parents I have now to be disappointed or upset ... I have asked my friends "Would you have AdOpera a child?" But the answer "No, I ttror I could have loved an adopted child as much as my own." It hurts, because then I do not know if I'm just as much loved here I am now, as I would be with my biological mother. I never met my biological parents and I do not know why I was AdOpera away. Something I really want to know. Colombia is the a poor country, so maybe she did it for my own good. Or am I just go delete an unwanted child ... I have very low self-esteem and the thought that I was unwanted and not as much loved as I skullle been making it worse. I've been called an orphan, but I know myself that I'm not. Actually I think it's stupid of parents to have a child they can not fit in. It goes beyond the child. (Ed: you can enter to ung.no/oss and get answers)

Hi, I dumped happened across this forum. see that many of the posts are a few years old, but I decide to write a few words Forde. For me, adoption great! I can not understand how adoption can be seen as something sad. I myself am adopted from Korea. this I have always been conscious of. I certainly do not remember that I have not known that I have adopted, or that I have not known what it means to be adopted. This I think has played a decisive role in my view of myself, my self. I am proud of where I come from, although this does not define me as a person. I am a Norwegian girl with Korean origin. My biological parents I know nothing about. But I'm sure I was adoption of a reason. I can understand that some people have a greater need to understand or to learn more about its origins. but for me this is a simple matter. I could well come to know more about my biological parents, but I'm one of those who believe that man is shaped by environment. My environment has made me who I am. Adoption is something that can provide child care, love and reassurance - a future.

 am adopted from Asia and I have it good here in Norway. I hardly ever think that I'm adopted, only once in a while if someone asks. Friends and others around me have asked me a few things about being adopted. I think it's okay to answer your questions as long as they do not ask for much. Also, I think that it's a bit odd that some people reviewing my biological mother and father that my "real" parents ... Several people have asked me if I wonder how my biological family is, and if I want to find them and take contact. Often they think it's weird when I reply that I have no desire to do. But the thing is that I do not feel that I need to look for my biological family because I've got a family already. "Yes, but you will not know why they gave you away, then?" There are some who ask then. No, I see no point in it. Probably it's because they were / are poor and / or too young to be able to take care of me. I'm not mad at them because they adopted me away, they would probably just the best for me. Whatever is not important for me. I'm not saying that all adopted feel the way I do, but I just wanted to tell you that I do it. I feel awesome, I have a great family, a mother, father, siblings, grandparents, etc. which I love more than anything. Greeting me;)

The aim of adoption is primarily to provide a good and lasting home for children and youth as the biological parents can not take care of.

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The basics are that adoption should be the best interests of the child and that adoption should be in accordance with the child's fundamental rights.

Adopting means to embrace a child as their own.
This means that the adopted child have the same rights as if the child had been the adoptive parents' biological children. The legal relationship to the child's original family lapses.

Children over 12 years
Children who have reached the age of 12 may not be adopted unless they get help to make the decision. Those under 18 can not be adopted without the consent of the person or persons who have parental responsibility. Parents without parental responsibility shall, if possible, a statement before the adoption is completed.

Adoption of stepchildren
In cases where there is talk about adoption of stepchildren, only the legal relationship to one parent away. The child will naturally continue to have the same relationship with the parent who is married to who adopt.

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Where do children come from?
Through the three approved adoption societies, Norway has established adoption cooperation with other countries. The three Norwegian adoption associations that have permission from Bufdir to convey children from abroad for the purpose of adoption, collaborates with a number of countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. Countries that have previously been adopted children, may have fallen out because of changes in the country.

Who gets adopt children from abroad?
Different countries may have some different requirements for adoption applicants. Virtually all countries concerned is affiliated to the CRC, and more and more countries join the Hague Convention on Protection of Children and Cooperation in Respect of Inter-country Adoption. Hague Convention purpose is to ensure that intercountry adoptions are the child, respecting the child's fundamental rights. Adoption shall take place only if the adoption authorities in the recipient country have found that adoption applicants are eligible and suited to adopt.

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Adoption shall in accordance with Norwegian law be beneficial to the child. Adoption Act has set a lower limit for applicants age. According to the Adoption Act § 3, licenses to adopt as a rule only be given to the person who has reached 25 years.

How old can be adoptive parents?
The law sets no upper age limit, but according to the guidelines applicants should not be over 45 years. Health must be good. Only spouses can adopt together. The marriage should have lasted for two years, so that the relationship has proven its stability. Documented cohabitation prior to marriage should however be emphasized in this context. Applicants must have a stable economy.

Single adoptive parent
Singles with special resources in relation to a child can apply to adopt. The requirement for special resources include a good and stable family and friend network, consisting of both sexes. The idea is that this is to some degree will be able to compensate for the child having two parents / families through adoption.

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Can adoption repealed?
Adoption is final, unless the license has been granted in error.


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