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Abuse and violence in dating relationship

Have you experienced being treated badly by your girlfriend? Have you ever wondered if your boyfriend is good for you? Have you ever thought that there are certainly better eventually? It is important that you get help! Read about warning signs that may be early signs of violence and abuse in relationships here.

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Do you feel insecure?
If you have a girlfriend who can be violent, threatens you or otherwise try to manage and control you, it is important that you talk to someone about it so you can get help.

Everyone has the right to a life without fear of violence. Too many people are living in violent conditions in Norway. Are you a victim of violence, intimidation or coercion?

Contact police on 02800 now!

How small should you find yourself in?
Most relationships start with love and passion. Therefore, we would often rationalizing and forgive, even if you are experiencing violence and injustice.

It can be difficult to be critical of someone you're in love. Many people who feel they are being beaten, threatened or controlled by his girlfriend says that it went fine at first, but it became worse gradually.

It may have started as a delicious infatuation, but eventually came bickering and a girlfriend who yelled out, threatened you and beat you. And you accept, hold mouth and teach you how to avoid the worst situations.

The question is not how much you should find yourself in, but how little.

Check warning signs on hvorlite.no .

REMEMBER that you can write to us at ung.no/oss and get help and advice.

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Bickering is common
In almost all circumstances Disagreements arise and little bickering. A healthy discussion and perhaps an argument or more may be perfectly fine and something that perhaps even they could emerge from, but it is important to distinguish clearly between quarreling and violence.

In dating relationship with a violent party is not equilibrium. Instead, it is one that dominates and threatens, while the other is cowed and change its behavior to not trigger the other to more violence. As a rule, it happens gradually so that both parties are accustomed to having it that way and think it is "absolutely normal".

Here are signs to be aware of:
The boyfriend..

is extremely jealous
will have control on everything you are doing
being short-tempered and aggressive for no reason
do not like to share yourself with others (friends, family), but wants you for himself
use force to get their way
blaming others for their problems or failures
threaten, force or slaps you
regrets and says it will never happen again without holding it
want to get you quickly into a relationship
highlighting their thoughts and opinions as the best
use, or have used, a lot of alcohol or drugs
treat children or animals bad
behaves differently when you two are alone than when you are with others
Note: may appear to be charming
Treat your partner you well?

Check warning signs on hvorlite.no

Violence in a relationship conceivably go in a circle may look like this:
Violence Circle:

1. It slams
2. Good period
3. Voltage Structure
4. It slams

There is a big difference in how long it has been between violence episode in different relationships. The circle can also shrink as time goes in the relationship, so that violent episodes are more frequent in the future.

What is important is that the person exposed to violence, recognize that behavior from an abuser varies, because many people find to get a strong hope when it goes a little better and thus be surprised when it slams shut. Using this circle can be living in a violent relationship understand what happens in a better way.

And thus it may be easier to break out and end violence in their lives.

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Why do not you just up?
Many wonder why they experience this continues to be with violent boyfriends. There may be many reasons for that, but the most common causes are:

that you think her boyfriend's strong jealousy about love
girlfriend has managed to convince you that it is you who are to blame for the problems in the relationship
you've seen other friends or family members to be dominated in this way, and think that is the way it should be in a relationship
you do not know someone you can talk to or who can help you
that you are afraid of what will happen if you turn up
Skillelinje, ung.no

You can get help
Talk to someone! Many see it as taboo and difficult to talk about, but if you recognize your girlfriend in these descriptions, you should talk with someone you feel comfortable with and trust. It could be a friend, parent or teacher.

It may be that you as a family member, neighbor, friend or colleague suspect children or adults exposed to violence and threats. Call the police or child welfare and get advice and guidance on what to do next.

Call the police 02800 and you will be put through to your local police office.

The hotline for children and young people have phone: 116 111
The hotline is open from 15.00 TL 08.00 every weekday and all doGet weekends. It's free to call and you can remain anonymous. TEL: 116 111 (from abroad 0047 95 41 17:55, SMS 41,716,111.

Nurse / advisor / counselor
At secondary schools there are school health, social educators and counselors that you can talk to. They can also help you get in touch with other support agencies.

Enter the young and getting help
You can also enter to ung.no/oss and get help and advice anonymously.

Overview of ancillary services
ung.no also has a list of ancillary services , "Need to talk to someone?", with tips on others you can contact and who can help you if you feel alone with problems.

If you suspect that someone you know is a victim of violence and intimidation?
Here is a list of support services.

If you suspect that someone you know are violent and threats?
Here is a list of support services.

I have a girlfriend (18) he is usually straightforward and kind to me, but he can be quite violent at times! When he is in a bad mood or angry for something he tends to take it out on me! He has turned me slapped with inside walls several times! but when he is happy, he is kind and sweet and kiss me like that ... I'm a bit confused to do not know what to do, he is violent, but he can be quite kind and sweet too. I'm also a little afraid to look up, for once when I brought it up he said "f you try to look up I will kill you" have no one to talk to, he refuse me to talk to her friends and my mates !! mvh girl of 16 years, who are afraid to make the final with his girlfriend !! (Ed: Nice that you enter here. You can enter the Young com / us for help and advice.)

I am a girl of 15 years there. my teacher has raped me at school I said I school to the bathroom so he learned from me. so he went into the Do where I was so bjunde he take me. Eeg diaper shit scared (..) (Ed: You should report this to the police. Call 02800. You can also call the Help Line: 800 57 000 if you want to talk to anyone.)

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