пятница, 27 января 2017 г.

I want to be adopted.

I want to be adopted! I have not smoothly! Mum and dad yelling at me every day, to I have no one to tell! Or I do not dare! Oh I get treated differently than my two other siblings! I does not resemble any of my parents either! What should I do?!

Based on what you write I would encourage you to talk to someone about what you are experiencing. It does not sound alright to get shut up every day. You write that you do not have someone to say it to or that you do not dry. Could you start by calling us at The hotline for children and adolescents at 116,111? It's free and you can remain anonymous. When calling together we can figure out how and where you can get help with what you experience at home? Unless you want to call us, you may have a teacher or school nurse to try to talk to or write a letter to? Many of the young people we meet found it difficult to speak, and then it may help to write down what they experience and pass it on to an adult. 

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