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When I am entitled to sick pay?

If you become ill while you're at work you are entitled to sick pay. Sickness will compensate for lost income. To be entitled to sickness benefit you must be unable to work because of a disability which clearly caused their illness or injury.

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If you become ill while you're at work you are entitled to sick pay. Sickness will compensate for lost income.

Who can get sickness benefits?
You must have been in the job for at least four weeks before you became ill.
It is also a condition that you must lose pensionable income due to disability.
You must be a member of the National Insurance Scheme.
You must be unable to work because of a disability which clearly caused their illness or injury.
It is a condition that the income for sickness benefits amounts to at least 50% of the basic amount. (The threshold does not apply to sickness benefit paid by the employer in employer period).
You are entitled to sickness benefit for one year.
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The risk of particularly serious sickness
If your health condition implies that there is a risk of particularly serious illness, the employer may, according to the National Insurance Act § 8-20 few exceptions from paying sick pay during the employer period. There are no special diagnosis entitling to this exemption scheme, but you must submit documentation that shows that there is a risk of high sickness absence. A medical certificate may be example of such documentation. The scheme will apply to workers with long-term or chronic diseases, or disease that involves a risk of particularly large total absence. The whole objective of the scheme is to counter the employer's responsibility for sickness benefits in the employer period will make it harder for people with disabilities and the chronically ill to get work.

Who can receive work assessment allowance?
You may be entitled to work assessment allowance if you are no longer entitled to sickness benefits (used up the number of days of sickness), or if you have not been entitled to sickness benefit.

Employment contract and certificate
Work assessment allowance shall ensure income in periods you because of illness or injury requires assistance from NAV to return to work. This assistance may consist of work-related measures, medical treatment or other assistance from NAV.

Sickness benefits

To get work assessment allowance from NAV must have gotten your ability to work reduced by at least half due to illness, injury or defect. The key is not how much your health itself is weakened, but to what extent it affects your ability to be gainfully employed.
You must live and reside in Norway, and be between 18 and 67 years. In addition, you must as a rule have been a member of the National Insurance Scheme for at least three years before applying. Been employable, it is enough that you have been a member for at least one year before applying. Exceptions can be made.

Who is entitled to financial help?
You can get work assessment allowance while:
During active treatment.
During the implementation of work-related measures.
During work experience (escalation by disease).
During follow-up from the NAV after treatment and measures have been attempted.
During the preparation of the activity plan.
While waiting for active treatment or vocational measures.
In up to three months while seeking employment after completion of action or treatment.
In up to eight months while disability application is being reviewed.
In up to six months if due to illness incapacity again, without working up new entitled to sickness benefits.
If you as a student in need of active treatment to resume studies and you have no right to grant the disease from the Loan Fund
For general information on work assessment allowance on nav.no .

Circular on work assessment allowance

Unemployment benefits
If you are unemployed you may be entitled to unemployment benefits. Unemployment benefits given to subsistence and to ensure loss of income. There are several conditions that must be met for you to be entitled to unemployment benefits. The main conditions are:

You must stay or reside in Norway.
You must have gotten your working hours reduced by at least 50 percent.
You must be a genuine job seeker (ie you are seeking work, is available to accept work you are offered mm).
You must be registered as a jobseeker.
There are requirements for previous income.
You can not generally be a student or pupil.

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