пятница, 27 января 2017 г.

However, I can even choose adoption or something?

Do not want to stay with a mother and have no contact with the father, do not know his name even. However, I can even choose adoption or something? Do not care about barneværnet or anything, as long as I get me away from Mama, I'm happy :)

You ask if you can even choose adoption because you do not want to live with your mother. I'm a little in doubt. What I surely know that you can do is talk to your mother about leaving home and in a period might stay with other adults you or both of you know. I think that getting to an adoption when you're 16, not so easily feasible and whether it would be possible then I think your mother may have agreed to it.

There are young people who for various reasons do not live with their parents when they are 16; some because they have to move to go to high school, others for other reasons. If that's how your mother does not fit well on you or give you the care you as her son is entitled to, contact the child welfare service to ask for help there. If that's the way that care is good enough, but you still think you want to move out, I recommend that you take this up with your mother first. If it is difficult for you to record moving-question with your mother, you might start with a conversation with the counselor at your school or school nurse. They have a good overview of how you can get help on.

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