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Under 18 and looking for work?

It can be difficult to find a job if you are under 18 years, but it is not impossible. Here are our five job tips for you under 18, which hopefully makes job hunting easier.

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1. Clearing the shelves and packing of goods
Food stores, clothing stores, coffee shops, cafes, kiosks, garden centers and similar places is there are job opportunities, also for you under 18 years. Several places needed the help of washing and drying tables, clearing the shelves and other similar tasks. Be open to opportunities in your community, and not be afraid to seek other jobs. Often you have to deliver many applications before you get lucky with an employer.

WHY are you doing to ask for a job in the comments ?? there is now no point in ?! honestly, do you think employers think "hmm, now I'm sure is check the comments of ung.no, there is certainly good employees to find !!" there's no point to write that you are 11 years and want to work, you have to actually do something about it! greeting 16-year-old in job

Have never had a real job. 16 but earns about $ 34 a week just by using the internet. I've learned myself graphic design and selling game money for real cash

I am a 15 year old girl from Molde who love to drive a horse-riding. I also like the interior and photography. In Molde I feel that it is difficult for young people to get a job, and most are people over 18 and is highly critical of people under that age. I would not mind me working in the stables, but do not know how to proceed, show you know what I mean. It also takes long 10 minutes to drive there, and my parents did not finish the job until at 16. Cycling is also quite tiring in that it is part hills, and there is no pedestrian crossing ... I do not know the neighbors especially well, even though I know they have kids. I do not even know what they're called. I want first and foremost job because I want to save money to get me my own horse, and to pay for all the expensive one needs for himself and not least the horse. My parents are not so happy about my idea to pay 6000 a month for a huge animals can get sick and need something new all the time. Certainly came with plenty of suggestions!

I have looked after the children next door (2 pieces) for 2 years now, 2-3 times a week in that way Approx 4 hours each time. Pretty good job if I must say so myself, I serve the 30 kr. hours, ie 120 kr. for a day, about 360 kr. in the week. Recommended for young people who need a job nearby. Also perfect for future kindergarten teacher. Have a good day ahead!

2. Go with the newspaper and advertising
Many have a newspaper route as their first job. Both local newspapers and national newspapers do bid to deliver the newspapers. Some have a summer job selling newspapers on the beach, or weekend work where they sell newspapers at the door every Sunday. In addition, you can choose from paper routes both the morning and afternoon on weekdays. Several sites are also opportunities to distribute advertising.

3. Cleaning and washing
Might need the local nursery someone to clean the floor in the afternoons, a business in the community will help to wash their offices, or neighbor will pay you for the weekly housecleaning. Many young people are making money on a small cleaning job. Check what opportunities are available where you live.

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4. Extra help on farm, camping / holiday rentals, amusement park etc.
Be creative! Do you live near a campground, maybe they need help for cutting grass or cleaning after guests who have rented cottage. Some fornøyelseseparker hires moreover youth under 18, for example Daisy, amusement and Kristiansand Zoo. Also ask about the equestrian center or the local kennel needs more to care for the animals. Check if there is a farm that needs help with something, such as berry picking, care of animals and cleaning.

5. bucks
Many need help to zoo during the summer holidays or Christmas sink in December. Maybe a neighbor's house painted or a car to be polished. Do you know the parents? Many would like to have child care from time to time, so they get a night off.

"Bonus tip"
Do not be picky! The first job you get may not be your dream job. Nevertheless the best out of it, stand on so you get a good certificate and references. Eventually your choices become more. Also use the network and everyone you know. Tell all your friends, family and acquaintances that you are on jobbjakt. Very many get their first job through someone they know. May know your mother about something in their workplace, your uncle know one who is looking for clean means to a store or someone who can sort mail in which they work. Be "on" and take the initiative!

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The articles further down you can find more tips on job hunting, and help writing resumes and job application.

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