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5 on the street Part Time Jobs

Ung.no get many questions from young people who want a job next school but struggling to find suitable jobs they can get. We asked why some young people about how they acquired their job.

Torbjørn, youth journalist, ung.no

These questions we posed:

Do you work or did you work before?
What kind of job do you have?
How did you work?
How old were you when you got the job?
How do you think it's working?
Skage, 17, Blindern


2. I am a gymnastic trainer at the old sports club min.

3. I ran a lot of gymnastics when I was little, so I got the offer of the old my coach.

4. I was 14 when I got the job, and still working on it twice a week.

5. It varies from boring to fun, but money is what motivates me the most.

Bernard, 16, Bjørnholt

1. I had a summer job in sommmer, and now I've got a permanent job.

2. In summer I worked at a restaurant as a waiter, and now I work in a shop here in Norway.

3. Summer job was right by my cabin, where I know someone who works at the restaurant. He said I could get a job if I wanted to. Fast job I heard im through acquaintances who worked there, so I asked my dad if he could help me to write an application. Luckily I work.

4. I got stuck in the job shop three weeks ago, ie 17.

5. It is very boring at times, but it depends on what kind of people I work with.

Robin, 16, Bjørnholt

1. Yes

2. I work as a port guard at Aker Brygge.

3. My father works in the system, so he recommended me for the job.

4. I was 15 years old.

5. I learn a lot from my job and meet new and exciting people. Which means I can have fun with others at work, so I think it is very fine work.

Emil, 17, Steiner

1. Yes

2. I am a football coach

3. I play the football in the team, so I asked my coach if there were any vacancies. After a few months I got the job as coach of boys 8.

4. I was 15 years old.

5. It's okay, but it's not something I would do without getting money for it.

Carl, 17, Bjørnholt

1. Yes

2. I work as an assistant custodian at the gym right next to where I live.

3. I asked the janitor in the gym which is right next to where I live there was a vacancy. He said that I had to submit an application or call the leaders of the team to the hall and hear. They said it went fine.

4. I was 14 when I started.

5. I think it's okay, because I can listen to music and are all alone while I work. 

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