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5 on the streets: Conflict Resolution

ung.no has asked 5 different young people about what they think a conflict is, and how they think it should be handled. How do YOU ​​think a conflict be resolved?

By Hege, youth journalist "Blogger"

We asked:

1. What is a conflict?
2. Should we intervene in a conflict, if so, how?

Tanita, 17 years
1. Conflict is when problems arise between any

2. Depending on how the conflict is and how serious it is. Sometimes it may be better to leave it, to see if it resolves itself

Rune, 17 years
1. A conflict is a clash of interests and values ​​between people

2. It depends a little on how conflict, if there is a conflict of interest or value conflict. One ought generally intervene with factual arguments to solve it in a good way

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Ragnhild, age 17
1. It is when people disagree, and do not agree ...

2. If you do not have anything to do conflict, one should rather refrain than meddling. Otherwise, you should not choose sides, but try to see things from the different viewpoints

Ole-Christian, age 17
1. A conflict is a clash, in which two parties disagree

2. One should not intervene in every conflict, but leave it to those concerned. But sometimes one must perhaps submit someone who can mediate between the parties because they can not agree. But that said, the e depends how conflict in question. For example, it is not a conflict between two people the same as a conflict between two countries

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Helle, 17 years
1. Disagreements between two or more parties, which may lead to greater problems / consequences

2. It depends how conflict it is, how big the scope is and how personal it is. One can try to put the matter in perspective, create understanding and try to come to compliance

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