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Is it legal with katana (samurai sword) in Norway and is the age limit?

Hi, I fancy a katana but do not know if it is allowed here in Norway? Is it legal here in Norway or any age limit on it? Greeting a boy of 14 years

After Firearms Regulations is that, in addition to firearms, "forbidden to acquire, own or possess stun guns, pepper spray and other self defense products with equivalent effect, switchblade knives, batangakniver, stilettos, knuckles, batons, karate sticks, throwing stars, blowpipes for launching arrows or other objects , slingshots or other similar particularly dangerous objects without honorable purpose and appearing as violence products. "

When it comes to other types of weapons they may be legal to own. How I have understood that they are samuraisverdene sold in Norway exhibition sword which must only be used for decoration / hanging on the wall. They are therefore legitimate. As long samurai sword used for what it is supposed, that hang on the wall, there should be no consequences to own one like swords. But it is for example not allowed to carry in public places.

You are under 18 years old are anyway not allowed to possess such weapons and such a weapon in your possession will be indratt by police if they become familiar with it. After Firearms Act § 29 , it is forbidden to transfer arms to person under 18 years. This also applies knifes having blade length of 25 cm. You will probably learn that most online stores will also operate with a limit of 18 years in the sale of such swords and knives.

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