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Will become a model - how do I proceed?

Many, especially young girls, have a dream of becoming a model. Here are some tips along the way.

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How can I get mom and dad to let me be allowed to become a model, or try to get it? I am a girl of 14, soon 15 years who wants to become a model. But Mom and Dad say no, they say that I am not allowed to it before I am 18 years old. But I will try me like that now. But if to try his hand as a model and perhaps become a model makes me happy, then I suppose I'd be allowed? They also say that they do not like the environment and that schooling is important, but I'm good at school and learns grades. What should I do?

To earn money to pose in front of a helluva camera is not too far away to be a prostitute, both parts are the out of selling their physicality heh ... the one literally, the other in a more indirect way. The last thing the world needs is people who spend their time and powers to be models. Is ærverdigere to be cleaning lady or shop assistant, it has the world actually needs. Parts of us depend even of that. But being a model? It's actually a bit selfish to get people who could become doctors and saved lives to take part in an industry that only inflicts world damage. It is so extremely wasted.

Hey girl 15 years.

You have a dream of becoming a model that you share with many young people. When one experiences that dream you have and desire to become a model not shared by parents this can be difficult. However, it is important to remember that the reaction that your parents are quite common. Model industry is a tough industry that has a reputation that can make parents worried. Your parents want the best for you.

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My advice to you would be to talk to your parents in a quiet way about your desire to become a model. Perhaps you can get help by, for example, a public health nurse in such a conversation. That's some children and adolescents who have modeling jobs, and then must naturally parents participate.

If you want to become a model you can always try to figure out how to get the mission, and who you have contact with. Then you could find out whether there is any possibility that you may become a model. Furthermore, information and knowledge about the modeling business could help your parents to let you try this. Perhaps you might agree that you can examine this now, and you can wait a bit before eventually trying to get assignments that model?

Model industry is a tough business, and you should also think about whether you are ready to go into an environment where there is an extreme focus on the body and appearance. I think that precisely this may be one of the reasons why parents do not want you to do this now.

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Sometimes you may want to listen to parents since they have more life experience and often have a good reason if they say no to anything. I understand that you think that being a model will make you happy, but there may be other things that can also make you happy until you can decide whether to try to become a model, if it is so that parents will not let you try to become a model.

If you wait a few years to become a model can have a greater chance to influence and choose missions that model compared to that there is a greater demand for young adults models.

Good luck!

Sincerely nurse

Hello :-) I am a girl of 14 years who has always wanted to become a model. I'm only 165 cm high, but I long legs. I've heard that one must be over 170cm to become a model, so I wonder if someone who works with it can find a job to me. Had very much appreciated it.


If you wish to become a model, you should contact a modeling agency. It is very important that you talk to your parents about this and that one of them will be with you if you seek out a modeling. This is because not all participants in the modeling business is just as serious. Therefore, it is wise to proceed cautiously forward. You can search for "modeling" in the major search engines like google, or the yellow pages. Just remember no matter that there are many rogue agencies out there. Sit down in front of your PC with an adult, so you can see the potential agencies together. In Norway, including Pholk and Team models known as serious agencies.

Model profession is special in the sense that there are requirements for appearance and ability to work in front of a camera, rather than formal education. It is therefore advisable that you take a chat with those who work in model agency, to work together to find out if modeling is something for you. It requires no specific education or line from high school. Yet it is very important that you complete high school. Very few manage to live namely of just modeling. In addition lasts a modeling career is usually only a few years, and you will need another job later. Obviously you need a back up plan, and then it's important that you have an education to fall back on.

Please check out the possibilities of being a model together with a parent, but remember school ;-)

Sincerely education counselor, ung.no

Hi, I am a girl of 12 years. Since I started school, I've always wanted to become a model. But I've got some pimples on the forehead, and after I got it slid my confidence down in the bottom. I hate myself because I'm so ugly. And I have done in four years. But in the past, my confidence increased about 40 out of 100. I've got kompelimenter of many. I am about 165 high and I grow 1 cm per month and the doctor says I will be approximately 175-180 cm tall. I have long legs and is 12years slim os eat healthy. I have big blue eyes and pale yellow hair. Is this good or dorlige of the properties of to become a model? What are some places I can apply to become a model? Thanks if you answer.


Many young girls want to become a model for various reasons. There are models who are under 16 years, but if you want to go on the catwalk at fashion shows, there is a general consensus in the industry that you should not have with models who are under 16 years old. The reason for this is that the serious part of the industry would like to end the sexualization of children and young people, and they see that young model girls often find it easier to get eating disorders. The same age limit is also quite common in competitions, for example. Top Model TV.

You must not forget that your body and your skin is in a phase of life where it changes much. If you are unable to wait another couple of years, why not talk to your parents and ask what they think. Maybe you agree that you can try your hand in front of camera under a safe environment? Then you look a little on the net looking for serious modeling agencies. A phone call to one of them or a visit to their website online should give you an idea of ​​how seriously this agency is. You have to know what pictures taken by you will be used.

Hope the answer at least gave you some tips on how to go forward and things to think about.

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