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You are entitled to counseling at school

As a student you are entitled to help to get settled in school and to make good decisions and future educational and career choices. Read more about your rights here.

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These are your rights:
Education Act § 9-2:

"Pupils have the right to necessary counseling about education, job attraction and career choices and on social issues. The Ministry further regulations."

This means that all pupils are entitled to both educational / vocational counseling and social educational counseling. You are also to offer both attention and treatment if you have it hard in school, but also good guidance about your future educational and career opportunities. Consulting-wing can be both individual and group.

Read more about training Act.

The school has a responsibility
Your school is obliged to do counseling offered by the school known to you as a student. In many places it is customary that the counselor / advisors visiting all classes at the start of each school year to introduce themselves and talk about what they can help with. If you have not received information about counseling offer through your school, you should ask contact your teacher or principal for help to get in touch with a counselor.

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Just how counseling works, may vary slightly from place to place. At some schools, the counselor much available on a permanent office where you can stop when you want. Some places you must make an appointment in advance, while other schools are counselor available at fixed times every week. You may want to create a list of points for what you want to talk about before you see your counselor so that you get the most out of the time.

Read more in the National Education Act, Chapter 22: The right to necessary counseling.

Questions about your rights and obligations as a student?
Do you feel that your school does not act as it should? Or are you unsure of your rights and obligations as a student? Then you can get advice and help of the Student Organisation and Pupil Ombudsman in your county

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