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5 on the streets: Facebook

a public place where one can ban mom; D

Been checked up on Facebook? Would you added to your mom? Ung.no has asked five young people about what they think. One gets even checked up so much that she find it annoying. What do you think? Have you ever checked - or been checked up - on Facebook?

By jacob, youth journalist ung.no

The questions:

1. What does it mean to have a lot of friends on Face?

2. What will it take for you to delete a friend?

3. Have you ever checked up / been checked up on Face?

4. Would you become friends with your mother on Face? Why / why not?

Ulrikke Ulrica

Ulrica (16)

1. To me it means nothing to have many friends on Face.

2. I delete a friend if I did not know the person.

3. Yes, it is foreigners who ask to be my friend, but I never accepts.

4. Yes. I'm friends with my mom, my dad, my aunts, my brother and even grandpa!

Vegar Vegar
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Vegar (16)

1. For me, it means nothing.

2. If I do not know the person, I delete / he.

3. No. I never checked up or been checked up on Face.

4. No. I would not subject my mom, because I want some privacy on Face.

Jacob H. Jacob H.
Jacob H.

Jacob H. (16)

1. It does not really matter.

2. That I do not know the, I just adds them to see who they are, so I delete them.

3. No. I have never been checked up on Face.

4. No. Mom would not though the internal humor I have with my friends.

Julia Julia
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Julia (16)

1. Yes, it's creds then.

2. If the person is mean to me, I delete / he.

3. All the time, it is sick verdigris.

4. Seff. Then I just several friends. I have somehow made Face-account to my rabbit somehow.

Aron Aron

Aaron (16)

1. I do not know.

2. That I'm not friends with those anymore.

3. No.

4. Yes, I could certainly become friends with my mom to Face, but I have no particular reason really.

Aurora Aurora

Aurora (16)

1. I think it is Kleint if you have very very few friends, but that does not mean so much.

2. I delete a friend if he is dirt or spammer, or if I did not know he / she.

3. I have been checked up on Face, I think ....

4. No. I would not have been friends with my mom on Face, it's party pictures etc which I do not want her to see.

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