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Domestic Adoption

There are various forms of adoption of a child residing in Norway; stepchild adoption, foster adoption and adoption of children born in Norway (consent adoption).

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adoption of stepchildren
Those seeking the adoption of a stepchild, must be married or be a registered partner of the child's parent. As a rule required that the child is nurtured by the person wishing to adopt the child / adolescent prolonged. One can also be adopted even if one is over 18 years, but if you are under 18 years, one can not be adopted without the consent of the person or persons who have parental responsibility. Read more about adoption of stepchildren on bufetat.no

Demands for fostering

As a rule required that the person applying to adopt a stepchild has nurtured the child has, or had, a parental role for the child until the age of 18. Although it is true will Adoption Authority ( Bufetat ) consider whether the adoption will be for the benefit of the child.

Who is affected?

Biological parents will always be parties to a adopsjonssak and should therefore be given the opportunity to comment on the case. Those who are affected in a case of adoption of stepchildren will be the biological mother, biological father, seeking the child itself. From the child has turned 12 required that the child agrees (agree) to the adoption in order for it to be granted. Children who have reached 7 years and younger children who are able to form an opinion must be informed and given an opportunity to comment on the matter. This is usually done by the municipality have a conversation with your child.

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Adoption of over 18 years

Stepchildren older than 18 years can apply stepchildren adopted, but practice is generally strict. Each application for adoption will undergo an assessment by Bufetat, and it's not that adults are free to enter into agreements on adoption of stepchildren. Applicants must apply to Bufetat regional office. Biological parents have the right to speak in these cases.

Inheritance and economy

Applications are mainly reasoned with or motivated by a desire to ensure inheritance rights, will generally be rejected as this is not regard as the Adoption Act is intended to protect.

See also Guidelines for processing of applications to domestic and international adoption and especially the exercise of discretion by national adoption .

Adoption is final

An adoption is completed, is final and can not at any time be repealed.

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Appeals against decisions

Region Office's decision in adoption case can be appealed to Bufdir within three weeks of the decision is received. The complaint addressed to Bufdir but sent Bufetat regional office.


Foster children Adoption can occur both with and without the biological parents' consent.

In cases where the biological parents consent to the foster parents may adopt the child, the adoption application is sent directly to Bufetat regional office. The child welfare service in the municipality who has custody of the child, has the responsibility to submit documentation regarding the child.

Decisions on coercive adoption made by the County Council for Social Affairs by the Child Welfare Act § 4-20 . Once the decision is final, will Bufetat issue an adoption without trying the terms of the law are present.

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Foster children over 18 may also be sought adopted. Foster parents must submit the application to Bufetat regional office. Biological parents have the right to speak in these cases.


A few children in Norway each year is given up for adoption at the request of the biological parents. Pregnant or parents considering adopting her child, can turn to Bufdir. Bufdir will provide thorough information about what adoption means. Contacting Bufdir for information does not mean that an adoption must be completed.

parental responsibility

If the biological mother / parents want it, Bufdir assist in placing the child in an emergency shelter in cooperation with Bufetat fagteam. Even after such a location has biological mother / parents custody of the child. This lasts until an adoption may take place.

Consent to adoption

Consent to adoption may be given no earlier than when the child is two months old. Biological mother / parents may decide to take the child, until an adoption is granted. If the child is placed in emergency, has biological mother / parents during this time opportunity to visit the child and may also decide to take the child out before the two months have passed.

Surrogacy AND adopting stepchildren
Bufdir and Development (BLD) is keen to facilitate that children born by surrogacy is ensured safe legal framework around growing up in his family. For most people, stepchild adoption be the solution, in order to establish a legal relationship between the child and the wanting to be legal parent of the child in cases where the child is born by surrogacy

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