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Are you adopted and want information about their biological parents?

Curious about your story? All adoptees aged 18 have the right to gain knowledge about their biological background. Information on adoption and biological origin are strictly confidential. That is why only those who are adopted are entitled to this information.

Public and quality assured
All adoptions that have been implemented since 1917 and until today are registered in the Central Adoption Registry.

You do not need to give any explanation as to why you are requesting information about your background.

The processing time in Bufdir is about four weeks.

To request access to adoption case your
To receive information about the biological background, you must contact in writing (not by e-mail) to Bufdir .

Enquiries from both Norwegian and adopted must include:

Your name, date of birth and residential address
your signature
Adoptive Parents name
Certified copy of photo identification, such as passport, driving license or bank card. The copy must be certified by a public official or lawyer. Copy confirmed by mail, bank and copying offices are not adequate.
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If you are overseas adopted the letter must also contain:

What country you are adopted from
What year you came to Norway
What adoption organization that mediated adoption
Norwegian Adopted: What happens next?
If you are Norwegian adopted, we will first examine the County Governors which has granted the adoption yours. County governors adopted information about the original parents where adoption license has been issued prior to December 1 1999.Du can also write directly to the county if you know the County Governors has given the license. It will be the county where the adoptive parents lived when you were adopted.

Bufdir is responsible for providing access to national adoption cases where adoption is granted after 1 December 1999, and in all matters concerning international adoption.

Your request is then sent to the county for further processing together with the information contained in Bufdir adoption registry. We will inform you when this happens.

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County Governor prepares and facilitates the matter in a gentle way, partly because the biological parents be informed that you have requested access adoption case, so they can give their views on whether they want contact.

That biological parents do not want the information to be given to you, does not provide a basis to deny you these. If it proves impossible to trace the biological parents, they need information they possess readily given out.

Foreign Adopted: what happens next?
As foreign adopters have the same rights as Norwegian adopted to obtain information about your original parents. The relevant documents that Bufdir has in its archive, the request sent directly to you.

The practical ability to obtain information may be materially different. A prerequisite for transparency is that the country you are adopted from provided the information to Norway.

If the Norwegian authorities have not received information about your biological parents, you can not demand to have such information. You must then possibly turn to the country you are adopted from and attempt to obtain information there.

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If the country of origin has given Norwegian authorities information coming Norwegian law apply fully, regardless of the restrictions in the country you are adopted from.

Information other than the adopted
It happens that other than the adopted even requesting information in a adopsjonssak, either to get in touch with the adopted or because they want to know whether an adoption has taken place or not. This may be the descendants of the adoptees who want to know more about their original family, for example in connection with genealogy or other reasons.

In such cases, we inform you that it is only the adopted itself as entitled to information from the adoption case.

Inquiries from the adopted person's original family who want contact with the adopted child, we put on the adoption issue, so that it adopted in any subsequent innsynssak can get information about the original relatives want contact.

We will not notify the adopted when such requests from other laid on the matter, unless the adopted have requested. If adoption agencies receive inquiries from original parents or other relatives abroad, submitted these to us where they are placed on the adopted person's case.

Information on adoption by inheritance / estate change
We provide information about adoption to the court, the trustee or heirs by estate change. You must make a written request (not email) to Bufdir .

Trustee and heirs must include a certified copy of probate. The processing time in Bufdir is about four weeks, or shorter if the matter is urgent.


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