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I can not live with my parents anymore. Some tips on what I can do?

hi i am a boy of 17 years. I can not live with my parents anymore. any tips on what I can do? I have to be moved to a foster home or if I can have a chance to move on dorm or roommate or renting an apartment. I simply can not stay here anymore, my parents go constantly through my private affairs and snooping around trying to take me in all the wrong I do.

This does not sound all right to you. You write that you are unable to live with your parents anymore. They walk steadily through your private stuff and trying to take in all the wrong doing.

Have you tried to talk properly to them about how you feel at home? Before proceeding, it is important that you know yourself that you have really tried to get them to understand you. Then they will also get a warning and are more prepared if you move.

It is possible to get help to talk with parents who do not understand. You can contact your nearest family counseling office and make an appointment for family conversation there. You can talk to your school nurse or health clinic for youth. You can also hear about an adult you trust can help you together to talk and agree on how to have it at home. To make such a call to be successful, both parties must listen to each other and spoke from himself instead of accusing the other.

It's hard to leave home when you are under 18 years old unless your parents agree to help you. This is about several things, but primarily finances. It is expensive to live alone, and when you're under 18, you have no opportunity to have their own bank account and for example, take out loans. You can read more about in the articles under the answer.

Some other solutions such as moving to a relative or friend. There are also secondary schools with boarding where you can stay. To get a foster home, so must CPS feel that you have it so difficult at home that it's not your best to get there. You can contact the child welfare services in the municipality where you live and ask for a conversation with them about your situation.

I have attached many articles under the response that you can browse and get more information. Good luck, I hope this works out for you!

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