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5 on the streets: Feeling fashion press?

Do you feel compelled to dress in a particular way, because someone else - directly or indirectly - tells you that that's how you should look like? Ung.no have been out on the streets and interviewed five youngsters about fashion press.

Ung.no asked five young people five questions each about fashion press:

1. Feeling fashion press?
2. Do you think many young people today feel fashion press?
3. What affects your clothing style?
4. How often do you buy clothes?
5. Do you buy expensive or cheap?


Anders (19)

1. No, but I've run into people who comment on other people's clothing style, both positive and negative ways.

2. I believe it is quite common among school students. Where one falls happily continued into an environment where people dress quite similar, and there is little room to stand out.

3. I might be trying to dress me some original - not to be completely like everyone else.

4. Not so often. But sometimes I spend money on clothes when I have some money in your account.

5. Special.


Maren (19)

1. No. I've never really been so concerned about what others Absolutely nice about my clothes.

2. Yes, I think so. Fashion Press is most prevalent in the age group 12-15 years. When very many in an environment where one almost has specific rules for how to look like.

3. Mainly what I do during the day. If I'm going to work I dress in uniform. And if there is a possibility that I going to a party, so I dress accordingly.

4. That depends on salary Inga and how much account allows me to use.

5. Both and, but I'm looking mostly for the lowest rates.


Kristina (20)

1. I feel well rather the opposite, nestne as a kind of fashion resistance. I did not experience that today's fashion is quite consistent with my dress.

2. Younger adolescents do enough, and I think it's very much a vulnerability. Man dressed perhaps more on its own terms the older you get.

3. Daily Form. I'm sorry one day, I dress a little happier. Besides, I'm keen to dress comfortable and convenient.

4. About once every three to four months.

5. Special. Trousers jer I however willing to pay a little more.

Ida Sofie

Ida Sofie (20)

1. I can understand why people do it, but I've had so much to do in the past that I have not had time to let me influence the opinion of others.

2. Yes, especially girls. Among the female sex is a big focus on dressing well.

3. What to do during the day. And so I'm happy in clothes of many of my friends, so I quickly become influenced by them.

4. Not as often as before. But I work in clothing, and then it's easy to be tempted to buy a garment in a while.

5. I am very good at acting on sale. But if there is something expensive I have very fancy, it happens that I'm saving up money to get advice.


Mathilde (20)

1. Not really. I did it just before but with age are easier their own style and become more self-confident.

2. Yes, especially youth from 7th to 10th grade. I think it gives a little in high school. There were at least I much safer on myself.

3. The seasons, and what I feel comfortable in.

4. A little too often. I try not to buy so much, but it is often one to two times a month. Then it is of course not always talk about big things.

5. For the most inexpensive, but lately I have started to buy a little more expensive because the quality is better.

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