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Take tests: Which jobs fits well for you?

Have you decided what you're going to be?
Why do you think exactly what profession suits you?
Share it with us in the comments below!


Hello is 11 years to struggle with what career I want when I grow up. Many say that one must follow my dreams to all that. But I do not know what I will be besides, I really little interest in blogging to gaming, but I rode that I will not make money somehow. I want to be popular. Oh I'm red that I should just get 100 subscribers somehow no one can live there. I also love animals but I do not think it is my interest somehow. Foreesten my dreams is to be rich to be happy to maybe have children.

I just want to say that you all seem like nice people, and this was a very fun tests. This has been an awesome nice summer and am now ready to become a mechanic. :) I love you all! Yes it may seem strange that I say I love you when I did not even know some of you ... But I'm just one of those people who quickly becomes fond of people. I've read their comments, and I feel like I know you now. Hope everyone enjoying themselves and having a good time. Bye! : D

I've already decided are to be marine biologist. This profession I have chosen the interest of skpninger and plants that live in the ocean. I Synnes it is incredibly fun to have the chance to work with something I Synnes seems intresant and something I thrive on. Though I walk only in 8th grade, but since this is my first year, it was important that I chose the right subjects get to move on. I have of course made sure that the subjects I have chosen can be used for anything else shown marine biology not interiserer me now I get a little older.

Are you wondering what to get? Here are some tests that can give it an idea of ​​what professions that can fit you and your interests.

Remember that tests that this does not give you any definitive answer on which education and career perfect. Conversely, they give an indication of what professions you can obtain more information about, and what interests you perhaps should grow further.

Interest test to nav
This test is best suited for those who are young and need to reflect and get systematized your interests

This is the simplest of tools on nav.no and consists of 120 questions with four possible answers. If you answer the most spontaneous, you get the best result.

Interests are divided into 15 categories. For each category, you can go ahead and find what professions that fits this category.

Start Interest test
The program is suitable for you to choose secondary and / or tertiary education.

Path consists of three separate parts:

The skills component - identifies what you think you're good at doing.
Your interests - map your interests.
Value portion - helps you find out what is important to you in your profession, if you want career, if you seek safety, etc.
For each piece you get a profile with a detailed text.
Start Path
Job Compass to utdanning.no
Perhaps you have an idea of ​​what you will be, but what about similar jobs that you do not know? Choose an area that interests you using job compass, and the jobs that exist.

Get tips on a profession that seems exciting or that you do not know well, you can search it on utdanning.no . There you get a presentation of many professions and what type of education required.

Start job compass from utdanning.no
Academia is particularly well suited for those who have completed or are in the process of completing higher education, and to orientate in the labor market and apply for jobs. It may also be helpful for you to change jobs.

Academia is a tool that provides help and support to find out more about jobs, work and the workplace in general, while it helps to reflect on interests, skills and employability. It also provides support in relation to planning, practical job search, etc.

The program consists of one part of preparation, followed by 17 modules with theory and tasks. You can even choose which modules to take. The results are stored so you can continue working with the program later. This is why you must log in with the IDP / MinID

Start Akademia
Interest test to vilbli.no
This test consists of 7 pages with 12 questions on each page. The questions are examples of different activities. For each activity specify how interested you are in taking education and obtain a profession that includes this activity. Spontaneous answers give the best result.

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