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Want to start your own business?

With the right personal qualities, the good idea and the right advisors and resources can also succeed! Can you, will you, dare you to start your own business?

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Taking a challenge?
The start up and run their own business is a challenge in many ways. You should have a good business idea, you need capital and you should have a good portion of stand-at-will! In addition, you will meet a tough market and you have to work a lot and hard to succeed. In return, you are your own master, and if you succeed it will probably give you a wonderful sense of accomplishment!

How to get help to start their own business?
On Altinn they have a special section that provides answers to frequently asked questions about the rules you need to know, and things you should consider before you start in earnest. Behind the service stands Brønnøysundregistrene, Tax Administration, NAV and Statistics Norway.

young Enterprise
Young Entrepreneurs want to promote creativity, teamwork ability and sense of responsibility and desire to start their own business. It is an organization including student businesses, youth companies and student companies can join. See their own page: ungdomsbedrift.no for more information.

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Brønnøysundregistrene is a central body in connection with the registration of enterprises. From here you can receive a registration form and answer questions about registration.

NAV also has a separate page with a few tips that are worth a look at.

Who can help you start financing?

Hello I want to open a hair salon, and wondering how much it will cost approximately for one to open with approximately Rental possibly someone who has opened a can answer me how much it must be borrowed?

Hi ! I am a girl of 22 years, I want to start a gym for women especially for Muslim women, I know many women who like to exercise just a place with women, so I wonder if it is possible or allowed to start no stuff? Some tips and advice thanks

Hello I am 22 years Gammal to thinking about starting my own company Invoicing car, individual firms, which saw sense ka reglae it to some more info right of purchase to sale of car?

Hello rated long to start ala pawnbroker parlor ... 
But do not know how the rules are in Norway to do this ... The capital I have but I think it's strange no one else in Norway that have made this ala (Las Vegas pawn shop series). Is there any rules that are contrary to the way I can do this? Do I have to bring in people who know a lot of history etc. But what I wonder most about is whether it is legal? Thank you in advance.! 

Hello everyone who are starting business or similar .. It is very important at the start of business is to put themselves in an idea phase, here you find out what you want to bet on. But it does not stop there, you need to write something down what you can to what you can about the topic you've chosen to start up in. After that, you first bynn check the legislation to provisions that exist for this (I add various links at the end) so that you are sure you can run such a business. Once you have done this you need to look a little into the market valuation taking a simple market analysis, to see if you can be competitively in the field. (This is especially true if you should seek support from industry fund). Once this is done, it's going to put into the accounts and the duties you have to annually månentlig. Now comes the time for it, this one will have you decided to this is what you should go for. yes when beggyner you work to jot everything, from the idea, legislation, regulations, accounting, accountant, etc .. use the internet, so you can find info about your ignorance. terms nuf / ltd registration so you should be pretty sure, that it is your own business you will operate. own businesses is a choice to fall within this UTN to call it a hobby, it's something that points in that direction: that more 1:01 employer or employees. I attach some web pages army so you can / derre go into to see and retrieve information. ideefasen / establishment phase is important to get on foot. 1. bedin.no 2. altin.no 3. etablering.no 4. bedrifthjelp.no 5. Nav.no 6. brreg.no 7.panlegis.com 8.lovdata.no 9.advokathjelp- en.no here you have a seat and start, after you've read to set a bit of this. then you have found the answers to your questions :) I've personally run since 2005 as an independent trader. To booted NUF / LTD 2010, but for NUF / LTD I used from 2008 - late 2009 only on the planning, the idea phase, the establishment phase to the development phase. So remember, it's not easy, but if you put yourself in the pages over to a good business idea, then stand on :) Good luck! : D

hey we are three buddies who start a garage we have this as a hobby now but will elaborate on this by starting to ourselves. how do you start and where do you start, what precautions you have to adhere to and who we can ask about starting capital?

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