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Do not want contact with my mom. Can my teacher adopt me?

I never met my father and he died when I was 8 years. I lived with my mom and grandmother since I was little. I've never had any relationship with mom and have always gone to the grandmother of all problems. Now it's two years since grandmother died, to I can not bear to live with my mom anymore. I do not feel she is fond of me, I'm not in love with her at all. I'm happier for many teachers than Mom. Contact My teacher now trying everything she could to help me, when I was struggling very selective mutism and anxiety. I'm very hard but have no one to talk to. Ever since grandmother died, I've been in my room all the time when mom is home to we do not talk. The teacher is fighting please I feel she loves me. I notice that she is much kinder to me than the others she cares about me. I never had the feeling that an adult is so fond of me. She is 36 years old and has man but not children. If she wanted to adopt me, and it was okay for Mom, is it possible then?

It is sad to hear that you have a difficult relationship with your mother. It is then nice that you have such a good relationship with your tutor and she pops up for you and help you as best she can. Your questions about your teacher can adopt you saw is probably the answer to that is no. The purpose of adoption is to find parents of children who have no parents. One can grant adoption terms eg. stepchildren and foster children but it must have been a long-term nurturing relationships beyond adoption.

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