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Bankcard for those between 13 and 18 years

This you must know if you want credit card before you turn 18.

Most banks offer credit cards for teenagers between 13 and 18 years. Nevertheless, banks have different rules relating to the use, so be sure to check around before deciding which bank and which card that suits you and your use.

Parents must approve
Your parents or guardians have to confirm that you are short. They may also request access to both your bank account and your online bank until you are 18 years old.

Short Vett: this should keep in mind:
The card should be kept in the same secure way as cash and other valuables.

Learn your PIN by heart. Short and code must never be stored together. The code is personal and must not be divulged to others.

When withdrawing, make sure no one sees entering the code.

Be sure to get the card back immediately after you made a purchase. Never put your card from you at such eateries or equivalent.

Check that the amount on the receipt votes before signing.
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Retain receipts and check against your statement. By discrepancies please contact your bank immediately.

Check regularly that the card has not been lost.

If the card is swallowed up in an ATM, lost or stolen, immediately call the bank. Outside working hours please call banks messaging 800 30 250. When locked accounts for withdrawals.

What does it cost to have the youth card?
Some banks have a fee that must be paid once a year, others not. In some banks will not have to pay fees for ATM withdrawals, others have also no charge for using cards in shops, both in Norway and abroad. Check what applies to the different banks, so you do not pay more than you need.

You can not use more than you
Common to youth cards is that you can not use the card if you have no money in the account. You should take care that you do not have more money in the short account than is okay to use. It is advisable to create a separate account to use for savings. It costs essentially nothing, and allow you to have better control of your money.

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Cards and tags
With the cards follows a personal code to use each time the card is used. It is important that you keep this code to yourself. It is best to learn it first as last, so you do not have to write it anywhere. Tips on lost cards.

How can you use the card?
With a youth card you can get your own ATM card that you can use to purchases and cash advances. Some work only in Norway, while others can be used worldwide. Some cards can shop with online, second only in shops and ATMs. Check with the various banks what applies to their customers and think about what's important to you. Some banks offer online banking to its customers from the age of 15 years.

Young people under 18 can not take out loans
People under 18 can not incur debt or buy on credit.

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Card picture is valid credentials
Most undomskortene have picture, some also with signature, and can therefore be used as identification.

Keeping track of your money with SMS, Internet Banking, Phone Banking and Mobile Banking
It is important that you know how much you have in your account and you can check recent transactions (receipts and payments) on account. Internet banking, telephone banking, mobile banking and SMS banking are examples of this.

Here you can among other things check balances, pay bills and get information on movements on the account.

Learn how to save
You may want to save you a bit of pocket money or gifts of money you get for birthday, Christmas and confirmations. Then you can save some of your desires or dreams, whether you PC, languages ​​travel, snowboarding, moped or driving license.

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