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5 on the street: School and Future

Ung.no visited a school in Oslo and asked five youths on which line they have chosen in high school, and why. Some have everything planned, while others have no idea what they want.

Jacob, youth journalist "What? When? ... "

The questions:

1. Which line did you apply for upper secondary school? Why?

2. Have a plan for the future?

Tara Tara

Tara (16)
1. I searched general studies.

2. Eeh, no not at all, I do not know what I want.

Mandius Mandius

Mandius (16)
1. I searched general studies because I want all the doors open.

2. I will study and be a little abroad. I'll be rich.

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Gine Gine

Gine (16)
1. I searched Studies. Then I have not closed any possibilities on.

2. No. I have no idea what I want.

Tobias Tobias

Tobias (16)
1. Specialization. Because I am a little wobble Steve, I do not know exactly what I want.

2. No, nothing spess.

Frederik Frederik

Frederik (16)
1. Specialization. I searched it because I want GSK.

2. I will be shipbroker, also will I study in Hong Kong.

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