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My mom yelling at me all the time, and stepfather to take me in ways I do not like

I live with my mom and my stepfather. My biological father died when I was eight. My mom yelling at me all the time and makes me feel like everything I do is wrong. My stepfather is decent, but sometimes he takes me in ways I do not like. It has never really been something special relationship between me and my mom. She smokes several times a day. She also hurt in the back / foot that allows me to do most of the housework. Among other things, wash clothes, clean, cook dinner, watch my brother and do homework and stuff. Outside of that I just sit in the room. I have anxiety and depression, but I will not say anything to them about it, because we do not talk much together. I will not try to talk to my family about this. I just want to move out. Is it possible that I was adopted or could stay in one foster home? What exactly is the difference between foster care and adoption? Shall I bring everything I have? Should I join the family their parties? Can you / you write about foster care and adoption

So glad that you contact us, see that you have several things you wonder.

You tell us about difficult home situation, you have anxiety and depression and will move from home. Now it just so it's not so easy to move out of the home when one is 13 years. For someone to assess whether foster care is an option you must register concern for child welfare service for calls / mapping with you and your family are considering what is the best.

Seeing that it is important that you get someone to talk to. You do not want to talk with your family, but you can consult your school nurse? She can after talks help you further to the right people if it's child or others. It is important that you get talked to anyone about this, you should be happy and safe home where you live.

You also wonder what is difference between foster care and adoption. Foster care is a home that works on behalf of child welfare services. They should be a family that includes you on an equal basis with other children in the family, but CPS is helping to make decisions that are best for your child. Ever live children in foster care for a specific period. Some years, other times they grow up in this home. Children living in foster care have access to their parents. Sometimes hitting the parents often sometimes very little. It depends on how long the child will live in this home. Upon adoption takes over the new parents all responsibility for the child and is no longer employed by the child welfare services.

Hope it was an understandable explanation. Are there any questions you can call The hotline for children and young people 116 111. The phone is free and is open between 15 to 08.00 on weekdays and days open on weekends and holidays.

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