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Overseas Adoption

In order to adopt a child from abroad, you must be approved as adoptive increases by Norwegian authorities. Such approval is called consent. It is an important principle that no one should profit from selling children.

Public and quality assured
In order to adopt a child from abroad, you must have a valid consent to adoption by the Norwegian authorities ( Bufetat ).

Equal and unequal other families
Although most are alike when it comes to live with children, whether they are separate born or adopted, distinguishes adoptive family from other families in the way that the adopted child comes from another culture and generally look different from the adoptive parents.

Which adoptive parents receiving any child knows not usually at the time you give consent to adoption. The authorities must, as far as possible, ensure that every family which also approved the capacity to take good care of the child coming to Norway. Upon adoption of foreign children know not usually the child beforehand. Guidelines for intercountry adoption shall thus not only reflect what may be good for one child, but what is good for children in general.

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Norway has ratified an international convention on adoption which is known as the Hague Convention of 1993 on Protection of Children and Cooperation in Respect of Inter-country Adoption. The convention is based on the leading principles of the Convention . A primary purpose of the Hague Convention is to prevent the purchase and sale of children. As part of this, the Convention a special provision that prohibits contact between adoptive applicants and the child's biological parents before it is decided whether the current child needs new parents through adoption - and before adoption increases has received consent to adopt.

As a rule, intercountry adoptions take place through an approved Norwegian adoption organization. There are 3 of these in Norway: Adopsjonsforum, InorAdopt and Children of the World. One must have a mediation confirmation from one of the organizations before you can begin the process of adopting.

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