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5 on the streets: Your biggest blunder

Many have experienced a fool of themselves, and some are faster than others embarrassed. But gotchas are many great stories of us it does not apply. What is it embarrassed seat you've experienced? Oskar of 17 years is not in doubt: "The time I missed a penalty in Norway Cup in front of a good number of spectators!"

By Julie, youth journalist ung.no

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Hannah, age 17
One of the most embarrassing thing I've been in was when a friend and I were on Karl Johan and shopped. We went down and suddenly said my friend; "You have something in your hair." She gets totally laughing and telling me that I have a great draft with bird poop in your hair. When I screamed really loud center on Karl Johan. It's embarrassing in itself, but now comes the worst. Then I ran into McDonals's, and when I looked in the mirror I screamed so loudly that those who ate outside loo heard me. Then a lady came in and asked if everything was ok since she heard screaming. Was a little embarrassing that I then just stood to scream over some bird poop in.

Markus, 16 years
One day I sleepover. He was supposed to call his girlfriend, and said he was going to take some time. So I went to lay down on the mattress that was laid on the floor for me while he was in another room. And while I lay there bored, I thought I could take a quick mastruberingsrude. So I started to masturbate, but the call was certainly not as short as I had hoped, so he came in while I was costing. The first 10 seconds was enough the most embarrassing I've experienced in my entire life, and it was embarrassing silence. But it was lucky that it was a good friend I slept with, so that we could laugh about it .. we do at least now in retrospect.

Mari, 16 years
One of the most embarrassing thing that has happened to me was when I went down a second grader in the hallway, and thought it was another. She landed right on the face of another, and today she hates me.

Sofia, 16 years
One time I fell in the hall, fell bikini bottom completely. Then a friend took off with it and swam around with it. Then I had to swim around in the pool for a while without base, while I desperately tried to get hold of him. Finally I got hold of it, and then I was very embarrassed.

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