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What You Should Know about Tobacco Act

Did you know that the age limit for tobacco in Norway is 18 years, and that it is not allowed to advertise tobacco in Norway? Here's everything you need to know about the Tobacco Act.

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Age limit 18 years
In Norway it is forbidden to sell or transfer tobacco products to persons under 18 years. If there is doubt about your age, the sale may take place only if the buyer can document be 18 years.

It is also not allowed to sell tobacco if you are under 18 years. Unless a person over 18 years, daily supervision of sales.

Is tobacco never on sale?
It's no wonder you've never seen or smoke on sale. According to the Tobacco Act, it is namely not allowed to offer discounts on the sale of tobacco products. It is also not allowed to give out free tobacco if you run a shop or similar that sell tobacco. But do not be afraid - there are of course allowed to hand out a snuff or smoke to a friend who asks for it, as long as you are not involved in organized sale of tobacco.

Why can not advertise tobacco?
Have you noticed that snuff, smoke and other tobacco not visible either on television or in the store? To purchase tobacco shop in Norway must request it at the cashier, and the goods are often hidden behind the counter. In Norway it is namely forbidden to advertise tobacco products, according to the Tobacco Act. It is also not allowed with visible display of tobacco products in the store. But why is this so? Background of the prohibition is to avoid an advertising effect of tobacco that can lead to increased use of tobacco.

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Not allowed to smoke at school
It is not allowed to smoke in primary and secondary schools' premises or outdoor areas. "Pupils in primary and secondary schools will be tobacco-free during school hours," according to Section 27 of the Tobacco Act. The law also says that children are entitled to a smoke-free environment, and the person responsible for children should ensure that this right is fulfilled.

Tobacco is harmful - and it should not be hidden
All tobacco products must be labeled with text that talks about health injuries you can get by using these.

"It is forbidden to bring into Norway, sell or distribute tobacco products by text, name, trademark, illustrations or other signs suggesting that a particular tobacco product is less harmful than others. Whoever produces or sells tobacco products, can not by symbol or text on gaskets provide their own information about the health consequences of smoking. " - Tobacco Act, paragraph 30.

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