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How to write job application?

How formulates an application? What is important to have? Ung.no provides tips to job application!

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Have you taken this?
Where did you know about the position? Write where you found the job advertisement or how you learned about the vacant job.

What is your motivation for applying? Why do you want this particular job? Employers want motivated employees who are genuinely interested in the job. It is therefore important that you get off what you can contribute and how. Describe your motivation on a thoughtful and sincere manner so that just your job application stand out among the applications.

What relevant experience do you have? What personal qualities do you have? How can you use your past experiences in this job? You shall not enumerate all your attributes, but reveal what your experience has taught you and how you can use them in this particular job. Remember that every experience is useful experiences. If you have not had that many jobs before you've still learned a lot of work weeks at school, work at home, or perhaps by sitting babysitting or similar? Perhaps you have also been captain of the handball team, served on the student council or been / are members of an organization.

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Be motivated and available! You may well repeat your motivation in a sentence, and write that you would ask for an interview. When can you start? How much can you work? When and how can you be contacted? If you rarely check your email, it is silly to write that you may be contacted by email. Better still, if you during periods when applying for a job is available on both email and telephone.

Example of application:
The Adventure 5
0968 Oslo

IKEA Furuset Oslo
Strømsveien 303
1081 Oslo

Application for the position of restaurant staff fulltime, IKEA Furuset

I found the job posting on their websites, and after a nice conversation with Kenneth Kvam December 4th, I want to apply for a job in customer restaurant or personnel cafeteria with you.

There are several reasons why I want to work with you. First of all, I think a job at IKEA will provide me with exciting challenges and opportunities to develop myself. Ever since I was little, I've been interested in cooking and I have gained experience in cooking, sales and customer service through both school and work. Jegtrives well with the people around me and would love to be part of a pleasant working environment.

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In my previous jobs at Burger King, Baker Hansen and Ryen home I learned that it is important to have good order and take responsibility for their work when working in a kitchen. There I also learned to treat food products and equipment correctly, and that this must be in a restaurant with high standards of quality. I am sociable and likes working with people and helping others. For me it is important to be bland and act polite to customers and employees, so that the workplace becomes a better place for everyone.

I have also been involved in setting up revues with X. During this time, it was often much to be done in a short time, and I learned to be efficient and to work under pressure. I am in good shape and thrive when there is much to do. I can also stand on and work fast without compromising the quality of work. My interest in food is great and I spend much of my spare time to try out new recipes. When I worked as a volunteer in Italy I lived with other young people from around the world, and in the evenings we used to teach each other how to cook from our homeland.

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I can start immediately and can work weekdays during the daytime and on weekends. You can reach me by mobile during the day, and I can ask for an interview whenever it suits you. I myself have many good experiences from IKEA as a customer, and I want to help make IKEA's restaurant offers even better.

With best regards


After reading all the comments, I am appalled ... How can anyone write another's application ???

Hello I am 11 years and have not job I want a job that's fun and I can earn but I'm too young. I fancy a simple, norman job a day but how. Inquire goal I set for ung.no is where. Can you help me?????? Greeting. Anonymous.

Hi I have hosted on jobbjakt as long as I can remember some be as snail and create a finfin application for i? greeting man with 29 years (me)

Hey how to write job application to summer temporary because I want to apply for Haukland hospitals such as cleaning or laundry

What you write if you have no work experience? I have a hard units with resume writing because I feel that I have much to write ...

I want you to write an application for me. I'll work on ICT

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