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For those who want to take out loans

Are you tempted to take out loans? Then you should be aware of this.

Public and quality assured
Often they offer to pay cash or conclude an agreement on credit purchases in the store. Be aware that it is usually expensive to trade on credit. Suddenly, a purchase of a few thousand cost you more than double because of high interest rates on such short-term loans. Are you under 18, you are anyway too young to take on debt.

Credit purchases ie an agreement on deferral of payment of the purchase price or a part of it.

Advantages and disadvantages
The benefits are that you will be given the item before you've paid for it. The downside is that the goods are more expensive than the contact purchase. In addition to paying the purchase price must also pay interest and fees. And interest rates are often exorbitant. The overall costs may therefore be quite large.

Your rights with credit
If you buy on credit, you are entitled to know what it costs overall, ie with interest and additional.

Financial Agreement entitles you to:

know all about what credit costs overall, with interest, additions, etc.
refuse to pay if there are errors on the item, or if you are dissatisfied with the service. This right applies even if a third party, such as a credit institution, assignee
get credit costs decreased compared to the original agreement if you pay ahead of time.
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Read more about credit purchases by the Consumer Council .

What does the law say about age limit for credit help?
According Guardianship §§ 1 and 2. Can the minor, not even dispose of their funds or bind themselves in legal transactions, unless otherwise particularly specified.

With "babes" mean the law minors under guardianship. There is agreement counterparty risk and responsibility to ensure that the they enter into agreements with, are of legal age.

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