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Age limits - extreme

Want to go skydiving? Fly your own airplane? Paraglide? Hang Glide? Diving? Mountain Climbing? White Water Rafting? Paddle? Here you get an overview of the age limits.

Get an overview of age
Are you tired of the usual sports? Need an adrenaline rush? Here is the list of some extreme sports and some information of things you might be wondering.

Parachute - age 16

fallskjerm There are 16-year age limit for parachuting in Norway. The only other requirement is that you weigh less than 100 kg and have normal, good health. It is common to try a tandem jump before you jump on a parachute course. Are you under 18, you must have permission from parents or guardians before getting jump. In a tandem jump skips with an experienced skydiver. The only thing you need to do is to undergo a 15-minute course, connect firmly to tandem instructor and enjoy the view. If you want to jump alone, you must undergo a more extensive course.
Read more about how to become skydiver with Norwegian Air Sports Federation and locate parachute club nearest you .

Sail Pilot & apos; - minimum age 17 years

Not heard of it? Man flying alone in a silent and engine fixed fly up to 300 km / h. Under optimal conditions you can fly several hundred kilometers without stopping.

seilfly When you reach age 15 you can start the course and consists you the practical tests can fly alone under the supervision of an instructor. By age 17 you can take gliders certificate, and then you can fly all alone without the supervision of an instructor.
You can read more about sailplanes on Norwegian Air Sport's website .

Hang gliding and paragliding - age 16

Do you dream of flying? Hang -and paragliding are the two most easily attainable ways to fulfill your dream of. You do not have to rent or purchase its own aircraft, equipment is cheaper, and the course takes a lot less time. Moreover, you feel the wind against your body. With a paraglider can fly for hours, and all the equipment you can fit in a backpack.

paraglider One must be 16 years old to take certificate both for hang glider and paraglider, but then one must have parental or guardian permission. After age 18, you can of course do as you wish. Some clubs also have their own youth departments where one can become a member after you have turned 15 years old.
A paraglider course usually takes about a week. The price varies from club to club. Some clubs, however, teen -and student deals. Several clubs offer paraglidingskurs than hangglidingskurs but time and price is about the same as for hang glider courses.

You can read more about hang gliding and paragliding here .

Diving - age 10/15 years

dykking Are you dreaming perhaps of being weightless? Or are you curious about how it looks under the water surface?
Already when you're ten years old, you can try to breathe with tank underwater. To take dive certificate must be at least 15 years. You should be in good physical shape and of course be comfortable in the water. Snorkeling for children and young people is also a part of the sport.

In Norway, there are different schools to take common sport diving. PADI is the most widespread school in the world and should be traveling, it can sometimes be easier to rent diving if you have your PADI certificate. CMAS is the other school and are not offered in as many places. Norway Diving Association educates by CMAS system.

In both systems, there are different degrees one can take. One begins to be trained to dive down to 20 meters, and then you take the supplementary course eventually. Then you can eventually swoop to deeper than 30 meters, one can learn to wreck diving, night diving, navigate underwater, dive in freshwater and caves, and dive in power, to name a few. One can also take a first aid course for divers and also become an instructor.

PADI and CMAS Basic Course costs about as much. The price depends on how you take it, how many people take the course once, and if ABC equipment are included or not. ABC equipment are diving mask, snorkel and fins.

Read more on PADI's website (in English)
Read more on CMAS 'website (in English)
Norway Diving Association (NDF) Websites
Norway Diving Association is a national federations a national team that also offers scuba diving for children and youth, and competitive sport in underwater rugby, spearfishing and underwater photography.

Our homepage list of diving clubs in Norway
NDF overview of diving clubs - and schools in Norway

Climbing - age 15 years (uteklatring)

klatring Climbing is both physically and mentally challenging, and the feeling of having "defeated" a mountain or a rock face is lovely. Rock climbing is a fitness, nature experience, mental training and troubleshooting packed together.
If you think it seems a bit drastic to grapple with huge mountain like that right away, there are now a bunch of indoor climbing walls to frolic in. To be allowed to climb inside walls must have a "Steep Short "that you take when conducting a steep short-try. With Steep Short has learned climb wit and the necessary technical things to safely climb the wall. Minimum age Steep Short is 13 years. Children under 13 can still climb along with adults. The card will cost as little as possible.

Should we learn to climb out, it is wise to enroll in a Climbing Club. Climbing clubs organize courses in technique and safety. There are usually 15-year age limit for taking basic uteklatrekurs. Climbing clubs often arrange also advanced courses in which one learns to use different wedges (attach to rope in the rock wall) and more advanced technology courses.

More information on Norwegian Climbing Federation (NKF) homepages .

Canoeing and rafting - age limit 12 years +

elvepadling Like to get wet? Do you have a river outside the house you are wondering where the ducks? In Norway, the 12-year age limit for rafting, but some of the more difficult rapids in Norway have higher rating. When it comes to whitewater there are different age limits for the different courses. Some rivers have, on an equal footing with rafting, higher age limits than others because of the difficulty. It is best to contact a club near you. More information can be found at Norwegian Canoe Association .
Are you interested in extreme sports and are curious about what other things you can find on, you can take a look at the websites: Extreme Voss .

Have been reading a bit what is written and commented about skydiving and thought I would right a bit on a lot is said and written. Nr1, the age limit for parachuting in Norway is set on the basis of maturity local master instructor can refuse anyone under 18 and jump because of mental and physical condition, before than starting with fallskerm jumping need than through go courses, either line courses, or AFF course more info about the courses can be found on NLF.no/ FNLF. Then I noticed that it was written that one under 16 has jumped parachute .. This is against Norwegian law and is NOT performed by a Norwegian parachute club. Then there are tandem jumping age limit is still 16 years WHETHER even if you have an experienced jumps on his back that makes all the work, errors still happen and life and will be lost in the future. To all of you who will be skydiver here is a recommendation from an experienced mares take a tandem jump first before you go on a course and believe me there is a reason that this is the toughest you will experience.

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