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I want to be a pilot!

Hi, I have a parr questions about my education, I want to be a pilot and go school in the UK. - Which aviation schools in the UK agree Loan Fund? - What should I go to high school? MvH ~ Future Pilot :-P

We have unfortunately no complete list of studies abroad that can be supported by the Loan Fund.
If you sit out one or more studies abroad that seem interesting, then you can log onto Your pages in the Loan Fund's website and submit a message from your mailbox. If you are not a customer of the Loan Fund, you can submit a letter instead.

There you can write in any educational institution in question, and request a forhånsdvurdering. When Lånekassen check program in question, and check whether the program can be supported.

We in ung.no do not have specialist knowledge in the different studies, so we do not know which high school education you should choose, but I believe you can find some tips by searching up the interstate in utdanning.no, and possibly follow the links on to campuses . 

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