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During 15 years and done something stupid?

The age of criminal responsibility in Norway is 15 years (Penal Code § 20 first paragraph a). Persons under 15 who commit crimes, can not be arrested or punished.

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The justice sector has a responsibility to the young people who break the law, even if you are under 15 years. To children under 15 years who have committed criminal offenses, it could be educational measures. Such measures are often used also facing adolescents aged 15-18 years. Many young people who break the law are in a difficult situation and must get the right help to make it better.

Police are required to notify the CPS when young people under 18 commit crimes, even when the young under 15 years have violated the law. The CPS will be able to attend the hearings and investigation. The police are required to investigate crimes committed also by young people under 15 years, although the case still can not be concluded that there press charges.

Have you done something you regret, talk to someone! There are several places you can get help:

CONFLICT COUNCIL: Mediation Mediation is an opportunity for those who are involved in a conflict or an offense. In Mediation gather the parties to the conflict to arrive at solutions that everyone can agree on. Read more on konfliktraadet.no and find your Mediation Service.

Nurse: You can talk to your school nurse or the nearest health centers for youth of all that you are struggling with. Public health nurses tells it not to someone. They confidentiality unless there is danger to life and health.

YOUTH SERVICE: Many municipalities have a youth service or outreach, where you can get in touch and say you need someone to talk to. They often know what can be done to make you feel better.

ALARM TELEPHONE 116 111: Do you have it hard? You can always call the free hotline will for children and adolescents at 116 111. The line is open in the afternoons, evenings, nights and weekends.

UNG.NO: Further questions? On ung.no/oss can both ask questions and get answers - or SEEK to some of the thousands of answers that are already there. You will also find a large list of ancillary services that might be useful for you.

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