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5 on the street: Sharing boys and girls in physical education?

Gym teacher ours is a pedophile, so we girls get 6's when we have big neck cut this and short skirts. I see this as sick discriminatory.

Should one distinguish boys and girls in PE classes? Ung.no asked young people themselves what they mean. See what they answered and share YOUR opinion!

Christina, youth journalist ung.no

Four youths were asked what they mean:
Henrik, 16 år Henrik, 16 years
Henrik, 16 years

Boys and girls are born with physical differences. If you look at every sport at Olympic level, boys chopped stronger. Therefore it would have been a straightforward scheme to divide boys and girls in PE classes. If you still going to look at how gender equality would have been, had enough many feminists reacted. Personally I feel that I perform equally well in PE classes when we have the gym with the girls. I think that boys prefer girls up in PE classes and maybe teach them things as well.

Henry 17 år Henry 17 years
Henry 17 years

No, I did not think that one should have "jentegym" and "guttegym". Should we differentiate between genders in other classes then? In many cases feel boys weaker in the theoretical hours. But it is still wrong to differentiate between genders in those hours as well. That amounts to go both ways. PE classes are boys hour to prove a little forward on.

Maiken 16 år Maiken 16 years
Maiken 16 years

Girls are not as strong as boys and therefore it becomes a bit unfair for the girls in gym class. WE are the born different, and that's the way it is. Therefore, it can be a solution to divide girls and boys. There are many girls who feel that it is uncomfortable to wear gym with boys and did not dare to do their best in PE classes, but therefore we must also try to learn to accept each other for who we are.

Katrine 16 år Katrine 16 years
Katrine 16 years

No it seemed to me not because society today is comprised of both boys and girls. Very many people that it's fun to have competition against the opposite sex, and it increases match our spirit, which is good. Moreover, we must learn to respect each other. PE classes is something we do in common and can be very funny when both boys and girls are doing it together. It is important to live in harmony and getting along, when we someday become adults.

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