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5 on the street: What is the boys' best check tricks?

The guys give us the best tricks on how to easily avoid rejection of check experiment. Learn how to give a good first impression!

By Hege, youth journalist ung.no

can not play guitar singing or playing in bands :( but I can be myself :) CHECKING TRICKS IN ITSELF :)

Daniel Daniel

Daniel, 17
"I saw a flower this morning. I thought it was the most beautiful I had seen, I saw you"

Jaran Jaran

Jaran, 17
"Æ play in a band"

Martin J. Martin j
Martin j

Martin, 17
"I've shoal shower lodgings"

Magnus Magnus

Magnus, 17
"Thank you for the gift you just gave me. If you want to know what there was, then there was an erection ..."

Martin B. Martin b
Martin b

Martin, 17
"Æ play in a band." Always works!

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