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Want my stepfather to adopt me.

Hi! Is a girl of 17 years and wondered if my stepfather could adopt me? The idea is that I want to provide the adoption papers to him when he reaches this year and next. Then I am after all 18, we think it should all be fine then. But the thing is that I do not have Norwegian citizenship. Is it still possible to ask about the paperwork? Who do I possibly talk to if I want to get this done? The police? He has looked after me since I was 1 year with my mother. In addition I have not contact me my biological father / he ran away before I was born. But is it that he must agree somewhat, neither my mother nor my homeland have had contact with him and we do not know if he at all is alive ... Want to really give this as a birthday gift for him said and hope for an answer! Regards girl 17.

This is a nice thought, but sdopsjon is not something you can give away as a gift. One can not carry out an adoption without the person who will adopt knows about it, and he must to be adopted know about it. To apply for adoption is a long process and the application must be initiated by the party shall adopt, in this case, your stepfather. He must send the application with all documents to Bufetat, and the region you belong. The fact that you are not a Norwegian citizen has no say in this matter. One should as far as possible try to obtain a statement from the biological father and this makes Bufetat.

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